any suggestions on diet

  1. Lightbulb any suggestions on diet

    doing cycle transdermal 1-test/4ad. target 4.7kcals/day. 40/50/10 regimen. pretty much 360 gms protein of various sources. low carbs before bed. ( cottage cheese, casein & flax) all good thoughts appreciated.

  2. Looks good to me from what you posted. Just make sure you take your flinstone vitamins as well I put on 5 pounds a muscle with them alone

  3. Don't forget the post workout shake.

    Most important meal of the day.

  4. why the low fat? I'd go 40/40/20 and up the flax oil IMO
  5. Talking should i keep going? / results thus far...

    thanx for the thoughts guys. this 1t/4ad xderm has performed evidently alot better than i hoped really. started at 216.5 lbs on may 27th. weighed 236 yesterday. bodyfat has droped a couple of percent. 3 days more in a 4 week cycle. think i should keep going? i think it's leveling off? how much differnece getting hpta back up if i continue? thanx as always dudes & best to ya!

  6. Originally posted by Blacksmith
    Don't forget the post workout shake.

    Most important meal of the day.

    And your pre-workout shake (even more important in my book)


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