1. Halodrol/T3

    I am starting my second week of a Halodrol 50 cycle... (not sure if the link will work becuase of the # of post i have)


    Since the main goal of this cycle is to add some definition and lean out, do you think it would be benefitial to add in some T3 (which I already have) I was pondering three senarios

    1. start a pyrimad dosing of T3 this week, which is week 2 "ON" and carry through the final three weeks of the cycle.

    2. wait until I start my post cycle therapy and start the pyrimad dosing then.

    3. Don't use the the T3 this cycle

    I appreciate any imput or suggestions you may be able to offer.

  2. Im currently reading up on using T3
    Seems to me that #2 would be a bad option as T3 eats muscle as well as fat (does dependant) so the best time to take would be whilst on the halodrol.

  3. Would definately say not to take during PCT! I would do it with an anabolic, so......

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