dry carbs??

  1. dry carbs??

    Several articles I've read about nutrition talk about "dry carbs", and give some sort of haphazard definition referring to them as foods like potatoes. They advise not eating any dry carbs after a set time, such as 4 pm. Is dry carbs actually a scientific term, is there any backing to this? Or is this just anecdotal evidence, advising not to eat any carbs at night because they aren't burned off and are likely stored as fat? Someone please help clarify this for me.

    Thank you very much


  2. Sounds like they are using that to refer to starchy carbs but that is a guess on my part.. it is funny how that the code language of different careers overtime.

  3. most places refer to wet carbs as veggies and fruits and dry carbs are high fiber carbs such as cereals and breads

  4. i dont see the distinction...what about yams, potatoes etc? these are all vegetables, but also seem to fit into the latter category. plenty of vegetables are high in fiber as well.


  5. I think I see what he is saying.. wet carbs contain some amount of water, where dry carbs don't contain much water at all. IE cereals and breads.



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