Supps runnin out! Reset?

  1. Supps runnin out! Reset?


    I'm runnin low on my stash, and I was thinking of going another way.

    Current daily stash:

    - AP (1 weeks worth left)
    - DCP (2 weeks worth left)
    - Lipoderm Ultra (2-3 days left)

    New Approach?:

    - Acetyl L-Carnitine (100 grams) Not yet ordered
    - CLA (180 softgels/800 mg) By NOW Foods Not yet ordered
    - Bulk PowerFULL (I have enough to make over 100 pills... I think)

    The reason I want to change things because I've been at 235lbs for about 3 months now. Fat is around the lower back/belly/love handles...

    What do you guys think?

  2. I know that when I switch up supplements the 1st 2-weeks to a month I can really see/tell if they are working.

    I would take 2 -week off from any supplements before starting the next regiment. Maybe even a month. I have found over the years that supplements work the best when your body is at or near it's normal level of homeostasis.

    Add a second cardio session 3 times per week...I like to take my wife out on walks for these. During the summer we get up to five 40-50 minutes brisk walks to go along with my other training.

    I tend to add more cardio because it is very cost effective.

  3. How long have you been using your current batch of supps? Do you think you given them enough time?

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