cardio and metabolism

  1. cardio and metabolism

    how in your opinion does cardio effect your metabolism, in regards to doing cardio everyday and then stopping, with no change in diet should there be any rebound weight gain? if so is there a way to make your metabolism adapt to doing no cardio

  2. I'm not sure there will be a noticeable rebound from stopping cardio. I don't see why it would be any different than just adding more calories to your diet, since you'll be eating the same while expending less.

  3. Cardio will always increase your metabolism. Stopping cardio will simply slow your metabolism some what. Eating small meals every 2-3 hours will increase your metabolism and efficieny in that you are giving your body just enough nutrients to support what it needs and no more. Therefore there will be no fat storage because there are not enough extra calories to make fat.

  4. From my perspective lower intensity cardio does little for the metabolism. It is simply an way of expending calories. Higher intensity cardio on the other hand will increase metabolism by increasing cardiovascular capacity as well as actively expending energy.

    If everything else stays the same and you cut out some activity (ie cardio) then yes, there is the possibility of gaining weight. If that is a concern then just make an appropriate reduction in your calorie intake.

    Alternatives for boosting your BMR are to further increase skeletal muscle mass or look into supps like thermogenics.

    Cardio is good for you. How come you are thinking about ditching it?

  5. I think he's just worried about gaining fat back if he wanted to cut down on some cardio (or was forced to cut back on cardio).

  6. higher intesive cardio

    whats the diffrence between lower intensive cardio and higher intensive cardio


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