Hot Pocket Diet

  1. Hot Pocket Diet

    Please no flaming, I'm not the one who is trying this, I just thought it was completely stupid until I saw the breakdown. Basically it consists of Protein Shakes and Hot Pockets, Chicken Fajita kind, six per day.

    Breakdown: P C F
    Hot Pocket 11 38 7
    Whey Shake 34 4 3

    270 252 60
    1080 1008 540
    Total kCals 2628

    Other than Hot Pockets being loaded with all kinds of nasty hydrogenated crap, overall this diet does'nt look too bad. A buddy of mine has been on it for two weeks now and he has lost some fat and gained a bit of muscle. (I know cause' I'm doing the body comps). This amount of Hot Pockets is still cheap as hell, and along with the Protein he spends about 30 bucks a week . Just wondering would the convenience and the cost be worth eating what is considered crap food. My work schedule is going to pretty hectic for the next three weeks and this doesnt' seem to be a bad alternative to cooking twenty pounds of chicken and packing about fifteen tupperware containers of veggies.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Well, personally, it is not that bad cooking that much chicken and all.. I do all my weeks cooking on Sunday and then store it for the rest of the week.

  3. That is what I do as well but working twelve hour days is a pain. Its only for the next three weeks, Hell I should quit complaining and just suck it up and bust out the tupperware.

    Kinda wish I didnt post this now, please forgive me it was a moment of weakness.

  4. Hey understandable I have that from time to time myself.. usually when I am standing in front of the grill for a while

  5. Sounds yummy, but i'd rather have some chicken breast w/ seasoning. Much better for ya overall

  6. Hot Pocket diet ..............does not sound too good to me.

    I don't know if any of you here remember him, but Manteca from did a string cheese only keto diet. He only ate string cheese other than his PW shakes for 2-3 weeks I believe.

    That;s hardCore. LOL

  7. Why not? Honestly, when it comes down to it, they are no worse than half of these nurtition bars everybody chows down on. If some twinlab bar hit that nutrition profile, and the guy did a diet of those bars and protein powder, all you guys would be saying it "looked ok" or "looked solid" because it is a hot pocket, it is bad

    I still say that p/f/c and % of each as well as total calories consumed is the main thing. If it is a nutrition bar, hot pcket, whatever, is secondary

  8. I am not familiar with hot pockets. Would the glycemic index of the carbohydrates contained be low? I have a feeling it is enriched flour (if im thinking of the right thing and there is a crust). What is the fat breakdown, as far as saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated?


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