Critique my Keto Diet!

  1. Critique my Keto Diet!

    This is my current diet. Just wondering if this looks about right for someone who is 180 pounds and GUESSING 15% bf. It might actually be lower but I really have no idea, going by sight. Let me know what you think. I am new to this so I am sure there are problems.


    33 protein 28 fat 0 carb 384 calories

    Sausage (2)
    Cheese (2)

    36 protein 55 fat 0 carb 639 calories

    Sausage Patty

    56 protein 54 fat 0 carb 710 calories

    Post Workout:
    Chicken (2)

    52 protein 14 fat 0 carb 334 calories

    177 protein 151 fat 0 carb 2067 calories


  2. Where is the green veg? You should have more veggies in there. Things like broccoli, peppers and salad. You need the fiber as well as the nutrients. It's not a zero carb diet, you should be getting around 20 carbs a day from fibrous greens and any hidden carbs.

    You might want to check out for more insight into keto.

  3. Looks pretty good to me.. except you might want to add some fiberous veggies to this. Help keep you regular Also if you haven't see it, you might want to check out very knowledgable CK bros over there.. also bump this for bobo..

  4. LMAO. Great minds think alike Matt.

  5. Too much saturated fat, poor protein sources, no fibrous veggies, and you need a carb source either pre or post workout. (oatmeal)

    I've found when these are cleaned up, the results are better.
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  6. Very True Draven very true

  7. Thanks guys.

    Bobo, how do I get enough fat without it being saturated? I have been trying to find ways to get more fat without all the grease but I have run out of ideas. Also, how many grams of carbs am I looking at either pre/post workout? And don't veggies have carbs?

  8. Flax, Natural PB, Nuts and Legumes, Salmon, etc...

    Go for around 30-40g of carbs. Veggies do have cabrs but its minimal and contains beneficial fiber (pick the right ones). Remember its not a no-carb diet. It uses carbs at the right times (pre or post workout).
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  9. Great! Thanks for the info.

    One final question and I'll leave you guys alone. Is it possible to do a 1-test/Clen cycle while on CKD? The Clen would be 2 weeks on/off alternating with ECA and approx 400 mg TD for the 1-test for 30 days. Thanks again!


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