What organ releases the hormones?

  1. What organ releases the hormones?

    Is it not the adrenal glands? I visited a Nutritional Doctor, and she said that the adrenals released all the major growth hormones.


    If you were to get your adrenal glands in optimal condition, wouldn't this be benefical for muscle growth? Almost like taking PH's only you are cleaning up your bodies REAL natural ability to release it all?

    Sorry this may sound like a stupid question. But I am new to the PHs

  2. The adrenal glands only release adrenalin. they are located near your kidneys. adrenalin is release for fight or flight response to a situation. It increases energy by stimulating insulin secreation and making glucose go into the muscles. Growth hormone is made by the Anterior Pituitary gland and
    testosterone in the testes. Ph are substances that are converted by enzymes in the liver to hormones that are like testostrone or to testosrone itself. I would think that a normal persons adrenal glands are already in optimal condition. so the anwser your question is no. fit adernal glands are not like taking ph's. later

  3. Thyroid, Putitary, and Jeuvo's are the primary ones.....

  4. As far as testosterone, here is what happens. GnRH produced by the hypothalamus stimulates secretion of luteinizing hormone by the anterior pituitary. LH is secreted by the anterior pituitary and activates the interstitial cells in the testes to produce testosterone. The bulk of testosterone produced in the body is secreted from the testes, through the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular axis (HPTA), although some can be made through the HPA axis (adrenal).

  5. Originally posted by windwords7
    and Juevo's are the primary ones.....

    ... Juevos Grandes, si si...

  6. Originally posted by Biggs

    ... Juevos Grandes, si si...



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