Don't look for weight loss supplements

  1. Don't look for weight loss supplements

    An old friend of mine was overweight last time I saw him (about 3months ago). He was about 6'1 and about 240-250lbs. Now he is around 180lbs (maybe less) and looks slimmer than ever.

    I have known him for over +10yrs and he is the most uncoordinated, laziest, non-athletic person out of our group of friends.

    I asked if he had recently worked with a trainer or started going to the gym. He said, "No". I asked if he was taking any supplements/transdermals. He said, "No".

    The secret? He swears that all he did was eat every 2hrs. And I know he doesn't nearly drink as much water as I do (1 gal per day)

    Now I've been busting my mutha-F*ing A$$ at the gym every freakin day, doing fasted cardio and lifting!!! Taking 20+ pills a freakin day and I eat cardboard (whole foods). I can't even get half the results he is getting.

    My body is slimming down and my lean muscle is increasing, so I'm not so concerned about the rapid weight loss. But I am 6 feet tall 235lbs. And I would like to be 190-180lb.

    I am willing to stop all my supplements for a Uniform Diet that will allow me to do as my friend did. I mean FFS all he does is play video games all day! And I know he doesn't eat whole foods!

    p.s. He swears he is not on any kind of recreational drugs or illegal substances.

  2. Weight loss is an individual thing. He might be telling the truth. Then again, he might be taking his friend's adderal and is ashamed to admit it.

  3. I had a friend that did the exact same thing in about the same amount of time and he said all he was doing was eating brown rice chicken breast and broccoli every 2 hrs but then again I think he was doing alot of hill sprints too...either way props to them, I bust my @$$ all day everyday and if I drink a Miller lite I feel guilty, and I see nothing close tio those results. Maybe someday well all be happy w/ our bodies

  4. Seriously!

  5. It is called newbie wieght loss. There is newbie muscle gain, why can't there be newbie weight loss.

    If his body was use to eating crappy foods all the time and or big crappy meals 2-3 times a day and he change instantly to eating smaller more frequent meals 6-7 times a day, his body will take notice and speed up his metabolism quite a bit and he will lose weight.
    Everybody responds differently to certain situations. What works from one person doesn't neccesarily(sp?) mean it will work for someone else. Best way to go about this is to learn how your body responds to certain things and and adjust accordingly to reach your goals.

  6. If you just ate one food every 2 hours you would definitely eat less as you would sicken of that one food and naturally lose your appetite. Mono diet I think it's called.

    For me there's no way around just eating less, I seriously think that it's our brain giving us false appetite signals at times(out of habit,boredom?). I'm trying to be mindful of this,whereas when you get involved with "things" you tend to forget and then before you know it your eating globs of pizza,icecream or whatever.

  7. I don't think my body knows what metabolism is. Let alone, know how to speed it up.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by SwordBurn View Post
    I don't think my body knows what metabolism is. Let alone, know how to speed it up.
    LOL, I feel your pain brother. Fellow endo here too and at one time I was sure my metabolism took a permanent vacation. Plus I only get 67 inches of height, unlike your 72. Unfortunately we just have to work harder than others to get the fat lost. On the other hand, we put LBM on much easier. I work a sit down job as well, so I have to constantly watch what I eat and crank up the cardio or the fat re-appears rather quickly. Just keep working man, keep that diet in check and you'll get where u want to be. I was 18% on Jan 1st, now I'm 12% and so close to my 10% goal. Has it been easy? Hell no, been bustin my ass, but when I get there it will all be worth it.

  9. Hey, i was similar to your friend

    i have a mesomorph body type and basically just genetically gifted..

    i tore my MCL and meniscus in august last year, and basically just got VERY VERY lazy, went from 6'5 195 to 6'5 250

    january i decided "**** this ****, im sick of bein fat, i have to be in peak physical condition next season or im gonna lose my scholarship"

    all i did was modify my diet... i did no cardio at all... i had never really been serious in the gym but in january i got serious

    i ate
    breakfast (~10:00 am) - orange and or oatmeal
    11:15- protein shake (just 2 scoops of ON in water)
    12:20- either a grilled chicken salad w/ fat free italian from chic fil a or a large smoothy from freshens with protein
    3:30- 1 scoop of ON or naked protein blast
    6:00- banana or orange
    7:30- 5-6 hardboiled eggs (whites only) ~1.5 cans of tuna on dry lettuce, 2 cups chocolate milk, 1.5 cups cranberry juice, and chicken breast if the dining hall had it, otherwise maybe a slice of peperoni pizza
    10:00 apple or orange or banana

    i went from 250-218 in around 2 months, and put on a good amount of muscle as well (just my noob gains i think, but i might have done the impossible in fat loss + muscle gain)

    i took no supplements at all (protein is hardly a supplement inthe world of weight loss), but now that i find myself at ~12% bf and trying to get into single digits im turning to Thermorexin (its not an NCAA banned substance)

    its very possible your friend just learned a bit about his metabolism.. the way you describe him i doubt he is just genetically gifted..

    its also possible he picked up an eating disorder


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