Loss of appatite

  1. Loss of appatite

    Hi everyone. Well first off about a year ago i gained a bunch of weight which i have been trying to get off for the past year. Well I went to see two doctors and they both told me that i need to eat less and exercise. I told them that i dont really eat that much in the first place but they still seem to think Im eating to much. And I also have been exercising daily at home for like a half an hour every day. Well last week I started logging what i was eating and how many calories I have been taking in, and I was eating about 1200-1300 calories each day so i guess you could say that i defintaly have been eating less. Well I just saw another doctor for a third opinion, and I told her about my weight troubles, how much i've been eating and exercising. She told me that I need to eat more becasue my body is taking what i eat and storing it as fat. So I've been trying to eat more like snacking every two hours and Im still not getting down even 2000 calories each day, I've been finding it hard to eat like i have to force it. So how can I bring my matabolism back up? And how many calories do u think I should be taking in everyday? But also help loosing weight at the same time?

  2. Age, height, weight, type of exercise, other activity level, examples of a day's meals?

    Give us some details to work with.

  3. Yeah, what he said.^

    Can't really help you out without knowing your stats.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by yeahright View Post
    Age, height, weight, type of exercise, other activity level, examples of a day's meals?

    Give us some details to work with.
    Im 19, 5'3", and 180lbs. I do arobics (sp?) everyday for an half an hour - an hour
    and normally in one day I'll have...

    Banana - 90 Cal
    Special K Protein Bar - 180 Cal

    Lunch - Lunchable (ham,cheese, and crackers) - 350 Cal

    Depends on what my mom is making but what ever it is i have very small portions

    The problem is I've been told that snacking through out the day is good but I haven't been able to get it down because my stomach has shrunk from not eating a whole lot.

  5. Think of your body as a old train, powered by coal= hot.
    When you consume a meal its like shoveling coal into that engine, it will get hotter (metabolism/digestion). Well your body will run out of steam/energy if your only giving it energy when its totally empty. The "train"/ body will run alot smoother and faster if its constanty fueled, with a steady flow of energy/food.

    When the doctors tell you "oh eat less" its more or less saying .. " i think you eat 10boxes of Ho'Ho's" before bead.

    Your in a different situation, your body has become used to the state of starvation<<< not eating alot. So when you consume those small meals you have (2-3meals) your body is doing whats its ment to do, by storing the food/energy as fat.. so it will not starv when you fast for 6-7 hours between meals amd bed time.

    When i first started working out (5'6" 225lbs/ no muscle)
    I was confused by hype and fad diets, i have found over the years diet/food manipulation... was/ is my best friend over fads and pills.

    I suggest spend some time on this board, and research the body and how it works. You will be amazed at your progress, if you put effort into it.

    Your off to a good start, asking questions and excercise. Keep it up =)

  6. Appatite is a type of rock.


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