Why You Should Tape Your Workouts On Occasion

  1. Why You Should Tape Your Workouts On Occasion

    One unique thing that may help you in all aspects of your training, including the visualization component (see the previous chapter), is to tape (or digitally record) your workouts. Ask yourself the following:

    • Would you want yourself as a training partner?
    • Is your form such that you would ask yourself for advice if you were new to weightlifting?
    • What is your body demeanor and your temperament during a workout?
    • Are you following all safety rules for lifting?
    • Can you objectively look at your physique (or lifting technique) and break down what you need to do much like a football player will look at game film?

    While most gym members will find this recording suggestion to be rather odd, it will go a long way to helping you improve in all areas of your training. This includes looking at yourself like a contest judge (if you plan on competing), making sure that you make any necessary technique changes to prevent injury and improve your safety, and being able to look at your body language and make any necessary mental changes; this is so that you're continually progressing & having fun improving your physique... not to mention your health!

    - Excerpt from “Metroflex Gym’s Down-To-Earth Guide To Your Ideal Body”

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