This will be my diet log..

  1. This will be my diet log..

    My name is Adam and I have only been here for about a month. Im trying to drop weight and lean up, Im about 260-265lbs right now Im 6'1", and I train 6-10 times a week between strength training and cardio. My BF is about 22%.

    My supplements Im on are:

    Whey Isolate 3-5 times a day
    Anabolic Pump (AP) 1x3 a day
    Damage control (DCP) 3x3 a day
    L-glutamine 4g w/ every protein shake
    Multi Vitamins (Daily vits) 1x2 a day
    Omega-3 fatty acids (Super EPA) 2X2 a day

    I keep track of my diet on FitDay - Free Weight Loss and Diet Journal
    And I keep track of all of my exercises via a HRT monitor on

    I would like to post a link to my fitday log so that you guys can give me some constructive criticism on my diet etc. My goal is to drop about 20-25lbs in the next couple months.
    Let me know what else you need from me to have a complete and beneficial log.

    PS. If I just copy and paste the fitday link will you guys be able to see it?
    Thanks, Adam.

  2. Ya...we'll be able to see it. Good Luck!

  3. cool thanks man, I will post it after about 1 week of steady logging. Thnaks again

  4. Bodybuilding Forum -

    This is the link to my fitday, its only about 4-5 days in I think, My cheat days are Mon. and Thurs. Those are also the days that I dont train. By cheating I mean I allow my self one cheat meal and I can have a few drinks..Like vodka water or a light beer.

    Now this is my workout log from 2-13, until 2-18

    Morning 32 min. HIIT cardio on empty stomach, 353 Calories burned, Max HRT 170BPM, AVG hrt 150bpm

    3pm Lift, Arms, Bi's Tri's Abs. 52min. Calories burned 379, MAX Hrt. 148 Avg Hrt 116bpm.

    Evening Cardio 1hr 7min 780 Calories burned, Max Hrt 159bpm,
    Avg Hrt 145.

    AM HIIT CARDIO empty stomach 340 Calories burned, Max Hrt 172 Avg Hrt 137.

    3pm Lift Legs Shoulders, 1hr 13min. 368 Calories Burned, Max Hrt 141 avg Hrt 97bpm.

    2-15-07 Rest Day, went snowboarding.


    3pm Lift Chest and Back . 238 Calories Burned, Max Hrt 131 Avg Hrt 107

    Evening Cardio 38min Calories Burned 375 Max Hrt 145 Avg Hrt 131

    Morning Lift 45min. Calories Burned 258 Max Hrt 135 Avg Hrt 104.

    Evening Cardio 45min 454 Calories burned, MAX Hrt, 158 Avg Hrt 134.

    2-18-07 Still need to update my HRT monitor to see what my totals were.

  5. Maybe this is the link I was supposed to post. - Diet and Fitness journal for Thaiclinch

  6. So I have been staying on my regular lifting and cardio rutine, w/ some added rock climbing "bouldering" and my Jujitsu and occasional snowboarding, for the last 2 weeks, all of my lifts are as heavy as I can go to get 3x15 on everything. I took my measurements last Friday and my chest "diaphram" area directly below the pec measured at 42", and today 1 week later I measured in at 43" both measurements were taken cold and no food ad roughly same time of day. So far thats about the only signifigant change that I have seen, even though Im feeling more energized and I feel like Im getting more tone, no loss in waist either, however I gained 1/4" inch in my Right forearm...And it was more than likely from all the reverse curls and rock climbing, "Not that I was bored and lonely."
    Ill post my workouts for the week on Sunday.


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