I am doing a weight loss plan by myself since I was careless on the last four months last year and I gain about 28 pounds. Now I have came back to traning and dieting but I've been founding the following: first, I have been exhibiting hypoglycemic symptoms during the last months and second, I thought that Melting Point was an extremely good product based on all the feedback and reviews it was receiving from users, now I am seeing a lot of research studies that clearly state that TTA activates lipogenic enzymes, something that doess'nt look good especially if your goal is fat loss. But I am still using a bottle I have together with Basic Cuts and I am down 12 pounds but I cannot say the supplements are the reason for this.

So, what would you recommend to achieve significant weight loss taking into account the hypoglycemic effects and which supplements would actually be effective for achieving very low bodyfat levels.