1. "afterburn"

    Bodybuilding.com - Alwyn Cosgrove - Energy System Training For Fat Loss!

    anybody know of this or have any opinions on it? didn't really look like any new ideas. the alternating high/low intensity thing mostly.

  2. anyhow, i believe the guy advocates a "hit" type cardio, & states that low level cardio is fairly useless. i wonder this myself, as my 30 min walks @ like 4mph first thing/empty stomach have not seemed to yield strong results. i wonder how different it would be to just cut 300 cals off the days meal plan. just like to see what others think.

  3. Yeah, he's referring to HIIT style of cardio. I'm a huge fan of this, and feel it significantly increases your metabolism for the rest of the day, where walking does not.

    Also, walking 2 mi on an empty stomach is not that much. Assuming you weight 200lbs, that's only about 300 Calories your burning.

  4. Alwyn's stuff is really good. It's not even geared towards bodybuilders per se, and you can STILL gain useful knowledge from it. I have his program design bible, & I'd recommend it to anyone, regardless of sport.

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