Shopping Lists

  1. Shopping Lists

    I just wanted to know what everyone's shopping list looks like. I'm away from home for 3 months for the first time (I know, it's sad). I have all the obvious things covered.
    Chicken breast
    Brown rice
    brown bread

    Can anyone else help me brainstorm?


  2. ZERO Veggies?

  3. That's why I asked for help. Thank you. I wouldn't have put veggies down because I am too lazy to make salads and it will just go to waste. I'll just buy some frozen ones.

  4. Spinach Salad:
    Baby Spinach + Walnuts + Red Wine Vinegar & Olive Oil dressing. = Holy Crap Good.

    There is some healthy frozen split pea soup too.. Tabachnick I think it is?

  5. Steak(top round) and yams for sure.

  6. Eggs.

  7. extra virgin olive oil?

    i like to buy some string cheese once in a while for some fat as well as some protein.

  8. Olive oil.. good call.. try to get organic extra virgin.

  9. so even though I take a swig of flax oil three times a day, some virgin olive oil is in order as well?

    Yeah, I'm gonna get some steak. Seeing as we have a mad cow quarantine it should be cheap as hell.

    What's your guys' take on macaroni and cheese? It's simple carbs, is there any way to counteract the increase in insulin or should I try to stick to whole wheat pasta?

  10. you guys are forgetting the three most important part to any BBs diet coco puffs, ice cream, and hot pockets ..

    what about some natural peanut butter and soy milk( I use it to mix my shakes with)

  11. Why do you use soy milk?

    My junk food is drinking Diet Dr. Pepper while using a piece of licorice as a straw.

  12. If you only knew the amount I eat

    Keto shopping list....

    Chop Meat
    Cottage cheese
    Rolled oats
    Nat. PB
    Full fat dressings and mayo
    Iceburg lettuce
    White Fish
    Wings (with skin on for fat)
    Sugar free jello
    Gatorade (PW shakes)
    Slim jims
    String beans
    Snow peas

    There's a lot more, just can't think of it all now..... I also buy most foods from a restraunt depot where I get everything in massive bulk (36 doz eggs in a case, 5lbs pepperoni...etc).

  13. When I'm on the keto diet....which is most of the time here lately , my grocery bill almost Doubles.

    salad (with everything but onion)
    full fat dressings
    new york strip
    salmon/smoked salmon
    chicken (even though I hate it ...tolerable)
    occasionally bacon/sausage
    cool whip
    extra broccoli
    Sunflower seeds
    Alot of salt
    Turnip Greens (order out cause mine taste like dirt)
    heavy cream to add to shakes
    Whey Protein

    and more I can't recall off the top of my head, I'm sure.

    Which I wanted to ask this earlier....................Is heavy whipping cream bad? Should I limit it?

  14. Originally posted by Rhapsody
    Is heavy whipping cream bad? Should I limit it?
    On, and no.

  15. Originally posted by Hoenlere
    Spinach Salad:
    Baby Spinach + Walnuts + Red Wine Vinegar & Olive Oil dressing. = Holy Crap Good.

    There is some healthy frozen split pea soup too.. Tabachnick I think it is?
    Add an apple chopped and some feta cheese to that salad...

  16. Here is my low carb shopping list. I am just listing some combos that haven't been exactly duplicated yet...

    Low Sodium Canned Tuna
    Salmon Steaks
    Lean Ground turkey

    Frozen mixtures of:

    Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots
    Broccoli Slaw (broccoli, cabbage, carrots)

    Broccoli, red peppers, onions, mushrooms

    Creamed Spinach ingredients (heavy cream (or 1/2,1/2), parmesan, garlic, other cheeses)

    Part Skim Mozzarella

    Coconut products (butter, milk, unsweetened flakes)

    Almonds (butter, slivered, whole raw, pretty much anykind)


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