Need some info on a few substances

  1. Need some info on a few substances

    would this make a good stack to lose weight?


    My diet has been spot on for the past 4 weeks, and i have been in the gym of every day that i was suppose to go. I feel that i have disciplined myself now and i can take it to the next level of fat burning. Also any good material to read about these would be nice seeing as DCP and AP wont search b/c it is too short. Thanks a LOT! also where would be a good place to get this Nutraplanet is looking good for some of it!
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  2. Yohimbine wouldnt be necessary. Use the Albuterol for 2 wks on/2 wks off. DCP/AP can be combined in any cutting stack; albuterol is basically a stim that is cycled to complement the backbone.

  3. In my original quest i was just going to get Albuterol and then someone let me onto the fact that Alb + yohimbine works faster. Doing a search for yohimbine lead me to DCP and AP so i am very confused LOL I have read a lot all about albuterol but before i got too lost with the others i thought it best to seek guidance to make sure they were all safe together. What are the negative side effects of the drugs? DCP sounds a lot like DNP to me being that it is a fertilizer or something along those lines so i started worrying about blowing myself up! I really appreciate all the help and this board is deff. a lot better than some of the others i have visited!

  4. dnp is a whooooooooooooooooooole different story.

    do not touch dnp until you have enough info, trust me.

    dnp = tnt compound (atleast to my knowledge)

  5. That's what i really wanted to know. I feel better now knowing DCP is not related to DNP. So the general consensus is that taking the 4 stack together is not bad but i don't need to take the yohimbine. And i take it since no one has said how dad these products are that they are relatively safe if used correctly.

  6. just take the ap and dcp and youll be fine if everything else is in check


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