Treadmill Running

  1. Treadmill Running

    I was wondering how long/fast you guys go on the treadmill when trying to cut. I've always had an issue with my right leg swelling when I run and lately it's gone away and I've come to enjoy running(possibly for long distances in the near future). At the moment I just do 35 min between 5.0-7.5mph. It feels great but at the same time I'm getting a good workout. Do you guys actually go beyond 7.5? Over the past two weeks my body just seems to like it more and more and I see myself being able to go a steady 7.5mph within the next month for 30-40 minutes. Is this overkill? I'm also a pure endo, I can put on muscle easily..and I can't lose fat to save my life. I'd say i'm at 20% now. 5'7-5'8 and 194lbs, I have a good bit of muscle as well, bench pressing 305 at the moment squatting 385(though i rarely go that high), etc.

  2. i've have really good experiences with morning cardio on an empty stomach ... 30-60 min(start off at 30min) @ 3-4mph.

  3. I never really go above 7 on the treadmill, unless I'm getting bored or something. I used to do around 20-30 min of 6-6.5mph jogs on the tread mill about 4x a week. Worked good for me.
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  4. Yeah usually when I go above 7 it's to make it interesting for a few minutes. At the moment I've bumped it up to 45 min. Now I just need toget my diet back in check. I haven't been eating as much protein as I should...and way too many carbs. I expect to start seeing more of a change again once i get back on the right trail (tomorrow).

  5. Some slight interval running on the treadmill would help for weight loss and it also breaks up the normal everyday running.

  6. I am also A BIG GUY 6'1" 270lbs if I look at a weight I get big.....But if I look at a Pizza I get Fat.
    I do all of my cardio on an elliptical for knee reasons, but I have seen good results w/ what they call HIIT cardio on an empty stomach in the morning for about 30 min. then at Night I do a 45-60min constant HRT training program keeping my target HRT between 155-160 for the duration via a POLAR F11 Hrt monitor, In my HIIT session I max my HRT at around 180-185 bpm. So just for an example according to my HRT monitor I did my 30min HIIT session this morning @ 8am followed by a 3pm lift for 1hr all arms (Im at work when doing this so my lifts arnt always time efficent.) and then tonight I just did my 1hr cardio. That was a total of 1512 Calories that I burned today In my workout, and I have noticed that if I skip the am HIIT session I am much more apt to skip my lift in the afternoon from lack of energy.
    Sorry I rambled but I get excited after I take my DCP.:bruce1:

  7. Hrmm I've been skating around HIIT but I suppose it's time to give it a try.


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