Helping me cut

  1. Helping me cut

    I'm 5'7 (170cm) and weigh 12stone (70kg), I'm a pretty stocky muscly build, I'm trying to cut the fat whilst preserving the muscle.
    I currently go the gym 4/5 times a week.
    I do cardio most of those times, but also use the weight machines and I've just begun benching and using free weights.

    I've been at this diet for 3 weeks. Something like this, it changes, normally I manage to eat every 2-3 hours but today was pretty bad. It stays at about this type of thing. No matter what I do I don't seem to be able to get to get the calories up. I'm just never THAT hungry.

    10.30 am
    250g cottage cheese (8.5 C, 35.75 P, 3.75 F)
    Nuts/Berries 35g (6.5 C, 1.35 P 3.9 F)
    Clementine (9 C, 1 P, 0 F)

    2.00 pm
    Clementine (9 C, 1 P, 0 F)
    Apple Granny Smith (19.06 C, 0.36 P, 0.23 F)
    2 Fried Eggs (1.6 C, 25.5 P, 28 F)
    Tuna (0 C, 25 P, 0.5 F

    Workout 1-2hours

    4.00 pm
    Banana (28.8 C, 1.4 P, 0.4 F)

    Cottage Cheese 150g (5.1 C, 21.45 P, 2.25 F)
    Raisins 50g (34.5 C, 1.55 P, 0.2 F)

    Chick Peas (6.3 C, 3.175 P, 1.3 F)
    Chopped Tomatoes (2.6 C, 0.6 P, 0.1 F
    Onion (2 C, 0.2 P, 0 F)
    0.8 Ham slices (1.8 C, 1.5 P, 1.5 F)
    Baked Potato (30.1 C, 3.7 P, 0.4 F)

    Cottage Cheese 200g (6.8 C, 28.6 P, 3 F)
    Walnuts 35g (1.155 C, 5.145 P, 23.975 F)
    Raisins 15g (10.35 C, 0.315 P, 0.06 F)

    Total Calories : 1706.1

    Carb:199.365g ____ 797.46calories
    Protein:157.595g ____ 630.38calories
    Fat: 69.565g ____ 278.26calories


    Hows the ratio? General intake etc? Should I be supplementing?

    Just rip it all apart really, I don't know much.


  2. What's your BMR? What's your calorie deficit each day? How much of your lean mass is AAS induced?

    I've had a lot of success with a diet that is about the same ratio 40/40/20. I seem to have good results with hitting it hard like two or three days with reduced calories combined with extended cardio (I can shoot basketball forever) and then upping the calories to BMR and no cardio for three days. Seems to keep my body from assimilating to the calorie deficit. My mass is AAS induced so I don't cut unless I'm on cycle (learned the hard way).

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