cortisol and depression/anxiety

  1. cortisol and depression/anxiety

    does anyone have personal experience with anticortisol products that have worked on belly fat. As that is were all my fat seems to go. I know antidepressants have a small anti-cortisol effect but is an added boost helpful??

  2. I dont have a lot of self experience to offer but I will offer up this opinion. Cortisol rededucing supplements can be effective in reducing belly fat IF there is in fact an increased cortisol level. Folks sometimes do theirselves disservice by reducing cortisol levels to far. There are multiple issues with ones cortisol being to low just as if it is too high.

    Having said that DS's LX is a good product.

  3. yeah i cant remember all the bad effects of too low cortisol but i will look into DS LX and IBE new anti-cortisol

  4. anti depressants are known for weight gain. when you are dieting cortisol levels rise so LX would be a good idea. you wont lose belly fat from just taking the pill.

  5. i know taking a pill wont take my belly away but i don know high cortisol leads to more fat deposits in belly area. ive never been big on ab work so i know its my fault for how it is but ive been doing them every day for two weeks now and dont plan to stop.thanks for the replies

  6. Many antidepressants can cause weight gain, but the reasons have nothing to do with cortisol.

  7. Try relora, It has worked for me and it helps with stress too! I suffer from anxiety and depression. It has helped cope with stress better and lower cortisol. The studies that were done on it showed a better balance of cortisol and dhea. Lowers cortisol while raising dhea. It could possibly indirectly help boost test.

    Anti-depressents lower cortisol only because your not as stressed out so your body isn't releasing more cortisol. Any sort of stress management will lower cortisol release.

  8. To lower cortisol levels just take your B vits, and DHEA.

  9. If you have higher cortisol levels, you should have a lot more energy to exercise, as it mobilizes your energy stores. By using that up, it will probably reduce the levels, or at least counteract them with those euphoric-type chemicals.

  10. Hi guys,

    Just wondering if someone could tell me what DS's LX is pls?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by iron_awe View Post
    Hi guys,

    Just wondering if someone could tell me what DS's LX is pls?
    That would be Designer Supplements Lean Xtreme.


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