question about running

  1. question about running

    okay guys, i had a question about running. been doing it consistently for a month every AM and finally starting to notice a little change. Want to know if running actually makes your leg bigger? And by bigger i mean thigh and ass...I know it's a stupid question but im curious to know.
    for me it feels like it....which is something i don't want.

    And yes my diet is in Check..from my last post on "belly fat" i took the advice of weight training and not eating the foods that are higher in fat that is often underestimated.

  2. Are you on a treadmill holding two 45lb plates?

    Seriously though, the only way I can see you gaining muscle mass on your legs from running is:

    A. If you are running with weights. And not just any weights...were talkin some big guns (like carrying VW bug on your back).

    B. You have crazy resist on your treadmill + some crazy incline.

    C. You had very little leg muscle to begin with. And now they are just developing to a normal state.

    D. Supps? Creatine? Protien Levels up the yang? Carb frenzy?

    How bout some measurements for a better perspective (thighs diameter, inseam, waist, calves diameter for fun).

    And are these Fasted AM Cardio sessions?

  3. ditto what swordburn said. its unlikely your legs are getting bigger unless you are putting more fat on. IMHO running is the best cardio for you.

  4. okay thanks
    im still running, just wanted to know and doing weights.

  5. there are alot of slow twitch muscles in the leg so it is possible that they are getting bigger. look at lance armstrong he has some huge legs. but it is most likely what swordburn said. "You had very little leg muscle to begin with. And now they are just developing to a normal state."



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