Is this a log you would be interested in seeing?

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    Is this a log you would be interested in seeing?

    How yall doin,
    I'm 5'11 and weigh 218 lbs with a 36 inch waist (waist size is measured an inch below the belly buttom right?) and a size 34 jeans, down from 270+ pounds in the summer, my weightloss has hit a plateau and i need to switch things up a bit.

    I searched this site for it but got nothing, Over at the testosterone nation website there has been lots of talk on the velocity diet.

    Its basically a liquid only psmf diet with carbs in the post workout meal and one solid meal a day for 28 days. Many people on the site have done it with outstanding success from 15-30 lbs lost a month (factor in water, still incredible). I, like anyone else, question the credibility of that website I looked for logs elswhere. The results were the same. I googled the diet and even saw some before and after pictures.

    here are the articles to help you understand what I'm talking about.

    Testosterone Nation - The Velocity Diet

    Testosterone Nation - The Velocity Diet, Part II

    Testosterone Nation - The New V-Diet Test Drive

    Now of course they want you to use biotest products, which I wouldnt be doing, with the exception of maybe using surge.

    The reason I want to do such an extreme diet is that for me personally i stick to strict diets well but the more options I have the more i seem to cheat. This diet is pretty specific in what you can eat, so it'll take all the guesswork out. I would like to get down to about 200 lbs, give or take a few pounds.

    Now my question is would you all be interested in seeing me do a log of this diet here?

    and... what supplements would you reccomend on this diet, I do not plan on using hot rox and I am using venom currently (which was awesome at first but its effects seem to have diminished for me even with higher doses)

    -for the protein i would be using some type of blend with a good amount of casein in it.
    -fish oils I will probably continue to use the cheap ones I am using now (from Jewel)
    -i do not see it neccessary to use any steroids / legal prohormones since i seem to hold on to muscle pretty easy
    -some type of fat loss stack or thermogenic
    -any suggestions?

    When I do this it wont be for 2 or 3 more weeks, but I just want to get everything in order first and wanted to see if you guys wanted it logged here with before and after pictures.

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    I would like to see a log (with pictures) but honestly i would not EVER recommend anyone to do this diet. Its just ****ing stupid. A clear cut set up for failure.

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