Cut Diet Review

  1. Cut Diet Review

    Okay, im just looking to get some abs showing right now, then i will worry about slowly packing on quality mass..ive been there before but carried alot of fat with it.
    almost got the abs peeking through with definition i would estimate currently b.f:10-12%.
    Training 3-4 days /wk
    Cardio: 1hr eliptical every morning and another evening session 3hrs after a meal

    cardio 630-730
    meal#1- 9:00
    1 cup oats
    2 scoops protein

    workout -11:30

    meal 2 -1:30
    1 cup oats
    2 scoops protein

    meal 3 -3:00
    1 cup brown rice
    1 cup green beans
    chicken breast

    meal 4 -6:00
    2 cans tuna
    low fat mayo

    meal 5 -9:00
    salmon filet

    meal 6- 11:30
    1 scoop casein
    Totals 1859 23 158 261

    fats, carbs, protein

    non-workout days
    meal 2 becomes meal 3 and meal 3 becomes a protein fat meal of some sort

  2. you should go for cottage cheese as your last meal imo.the only times you should drink a shake really are pre and postworkout (or if you're at school or work and have absolutely no other options).

  3. i use to do the 1 cup cottage cheese w/ 2 spoon natty pb before bed...but im seeing if getting the cottage cheese out of the diet effects some bloat/water retention. other than that hows it look...should i lower carbs?

  4. Too much cardio for starters...............start slow and add more,you can`t tweak things the way you arte doing it now unless you wanted to do hours of cardio,and who would want to.

    Also,skip the oats at post-workout and use a faster digesting carb source such as dextrose or a baked potato.

    The last meal I would do 10 eggwhites with 2 Tbsps. natty PB to slow digestion..........solid food is better than a shake in most cases.

    Do cardio immediately after you train .......your glycogen will be depleted and it`s an ideal time to tap into fat stores to be used as fuel.

    I would also ditch the mayo.

    Good luck!!

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