Body Recomp?

  1. Body Recomp?

    I am looking to recomp my body. I am 205 and 18% BF and would like to cut down my body fat and not loose any muscle. I am currently taking the ALRI Evolution stack and consuming about 3500 cals with a 40/40/20 ratio of pro/carb/fat. If anyone could let me know the best way to recomp, it would be much appreciated.

  2. Anyone?

  3. I personally have found CKD to be the best route to recomp. Induce ketosis and consume only trace carbs for 6 days and then 1 day total carb fest per week for glycogen supercompensation. I also take 2100 mg ALA per day (300mg before meals and after training) to regulate glucose and partition nutrients toward muscle. A good stimulant based fatburner is a good idea to keep energy levels high and some ALCAR is always a staple in my "get lean" regimen. I have some DCP on the way and am confident that will help with quick fatloss while retaining muscle. High intensity in the gym is a must too.

    Hope this helps

  4. leggo my ego, where can i find out more about this ckd?

  5. Cyclical Ketogenic Diet.. goes by other names like the anabolic diet and Dan Duchaine's book Body Opus was based on this kind of diet

    Cyclical Ketogenic Diet, The Science

  6. There are some different variations as to the strategy of carb loading but that is a pretty straight forward breakdown of CKD


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