1-test cutting cycle, need diet help

  1. Originally posted by RAEKWON201
    im also starting a one test cutting cycle next week.ive been cutting and my calories are down to about 1,900-2,200 per day at this point.i know u should up your cals on cycle but will going say over 2,700 be too much for my body to handle since im used to such low calories right now?im not sure how much to up my calorie intake to while on cycle,and post cycle also.

    how much should i raise my calorie intake by?hows 500 calories,the first week and then another 100 for the remaining 3 weeks.then post cycle keep them at that level?

    im not sure what to do,someone help me out on this one


    btw im doing 4 weeks of avant one.6 sprays twice a day.and hoping to hold on to or hopefully add some muscle while losing bf.im pretty lean right now but i just need to lose some abdomial fat so i can get some visible abs.
    what are your stats, hieght, weight, age, bf%?

  2. im 6'1 20 years old about 175 pounds.not sure about my bf%.id estimate about 16%.im lean everywhere but my stomach,have visible arm veins,and some visible striations in triceps,chest,and shoulders.hoping to lose some of this stomach fat and possibly gain a little mass if possible

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