Need weight loss advice

  1. Need weight loss advice

    I am 5'11'', 205 lbs, and 18% body fat. I am trying to put on some good muscle mass and loose body fat to get better definition. I am doing cardio 4 times a week and lifting 5 times a week. I do interval cardio work on th treadmill to try and shed the fat. My diet is clean, but I am not getting 6 meals in a day and I know I need to get those 6 meals in. I am taking Animal Pump and Stak2 to help with gaining muscle mass and strength. Could these supplements cause me not to loose the fat or should I increase my cardio?

  2. from what available info you have provided..i can say its most probably your body is in a starvation mode or that your macros intake are not well-planned...maybe you can provide us with a sample of your daily food intake? the same time..wat body type are you?

  3. either lose the fat then gain the muscle, or keep gaining muscle and dont worry about losing fat yet

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