Venom- depression/anxiety for ME

  1. Venom- depression/anxiety for ME

    Serious question, why does ALRI Venom cause mild depression for ME when I take the formula as instructed. I have taken many supps., fat burners, testosterone etc..and never had a problem. I am taking a Hyperdrol, Mass FX, Retain stack as well with this. I recently stopped taking Cellucor D4, their "strongest fat burner", and did a test by taking a dose this morning of what I had left, and I feel great. That was to rule out any conflicting chemical balance that I may have with my Anabolic Xtreme stack. My concern is I like the fat burners ability to suppress appetite and would like to take something like Venom or Stim X., for price reasons, and what seems to be a more effective supp. I am somewhat afraid now of trying Stim X, are these two fat burners similar in composition, I can read a label, but have no idea what ingredient in one would cause a mild case of dperession/anxiety and what wouldn't. Also, Venom has anti depressant chemical in it, and to add to this I was on an anti depressant years ago, and the feeling I got from Venom was similar to the feeling I had years ago..I guess I will just stick to what I am comfortable with and what has no ill effects on me mentally, I just felt like I should throw this question out here.

    Phenylethylamine (PEA) is an endogenous neuroamine that increases attention and activity in animals and has been studied for its ability to relieve depression in 60% of depressed patients. It has been proposed that PEA deficit may be the cause of a common form of depression. It is also your body’s most powerful natural stimulant. Interesting in that PEA improves mood as rapidly as amphetamine but does not produce tolerance. Okay, natural PEA is good. And synthetic amphetamine is bad. Though they share many common positive affects, the latter is not a good option due its own negative affects. Got it?

  2. Dude, I get the same thing with Venom sometimes. It's wierd but I will actually shift back and forth (manic like) when I'm taking it. Other times I barely notice. I will also add that even though I ave taken quite a bit of it, it's the only OTC stim that I was never able to go over 2 caps per day.

  3. same here. but not all the time.
    funny story of what I remember is, one time I was doing my homework of finance, suddenly I started to feel sad for the world.
    But do not get me wrong, it is still a great product, which seems like an on/off usage.

  4. Exactly, the depression comes from large scale issues, not stupid personal problems. Other times it's almost like a coke buzz without the extreme euphoria.

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