Cutting Plan....need help

  1. Cutting Plan....need help

    As on Jan 1 i will be starting to cut up. I am about 205~210lbs. and between 10~12%BF. I am looking to get to 6~7%BF in 9 weeks (march 3). I will be running the TRI-Lean SYSTEM from A.L.R.I. I have heard u need to consume a good amount of calories while on this. I was thinking about starting around 3800 cals and dropping 200 every 2 weeks. I will start out with a 40/40/20 diet and move into a 50/20/30.

    I will do cardio 5 days a week 1st thing in the AM. 30~45 min on the tredmil @ 3 speed and 10 incline. This has worked great for me in the past.

    The eason im asking about diet help is because I have never ran anytype of weightloss supps. So I have great disapline while dieting. I will also be running with...... ANAGEN/BCAA/Glutamine/Amino Tabs/Ultra 40's

    Any suggestions on calorie cutting while on the stack? After the TRI-LEAN SYSTEM I will run DCP to finish it out. I will also be keeping a log w/ pictures.

  2. Good luck on this...the Tri Lean system worked great for me. I've been doing 4-5 days of AM cardio for 45 minutes, but I've been doing it based on heart rate which seems to be working well for me. I also throw in a couple of 20 minute sessions after I lift in the afternoons each week.

    I would start at about a 500 calorie deficit from maintenance and go from there. Just my .02.

  3. Everyone is dieting down for the Arnold LOL Hope you like the DCP! Its an excellent choice.


  4. Not for the arnold. This is the begining of baseball season and the spring break trip for fl. I want to be in the best possible lean shape for pro scouts.....But yea everyone and there brother seems to be cutting for the arnold.

  5. ok so here will be the diet breakdown w/ macros protein/carbs/fat....

    Week 1-2: 350/250/75.....~3,100 cals
    Week 3-4: 350/205/70.....~2,850 cals
    Week 5-6: 350/185/60.....~2,600cals
    Week 7-8: 375/150/50.....~2,500cals
    Week 9:
    -Day 1: 400/125/60.......~2,600cals
    -Day 2: 400/100/65......~2,500 cals
    -Day 3: 400/50/75.......~2,475cals
    -Day 4: 300/300/50.....~2,800 cals
    -Day 5: 350/125/75....~2,575 cals
    -Day 6: 375/100/50.....~ 2,400 cals

    Then Maintence @ 300/250/50....~2,600 cals

    I can imagine ill be in the high to mid 180's here

    *Are cals to high....bad ratio????? Like I have said I have never used any weight-loss supp before so I dont know how much this will effect what I eat.



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