Help needed:Clen,Diet,Routine,and possible stack?

  1. Question Help needed:Clen,Diet,Routine,and possible stack?

    I have never done any type of cutting what so ever or much cardio for that matter...i guess ive always stuck to the eat what you want, lift, get stronger and to hell with fat. but thats changed recently cause i mean whats the point in having them if you cant notice them that i talked a ew people and everybody says of course, cardio and clean diet are key...and on top of that clen. and from what ive read about clen they are i was wondering if anybody can suggest a diet , good routine with cardio , and the dosage of clen i should take and if i could/should stack it with anything to add to the results as far as fat loss and muscle growth? anyhting will be helpful


  2. Need more info on your stats(height, weight, bodyfat, etc.) Then we can figure roughly how many cals, etc. you need to be consuming.

  3. I'm 6'4 and weigh 263 aound 24BF% lol
    yeah ima fatty lol

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