BBing, Work and nutrition.

  1. BBing, Work and nutrition.

    I just got a new job and will work full time this summer. I was used to partials so I could eat easily and get the right amout of calories in but Im not sure how I'd do that now. I'd need to eat 3 meals of 600+ calories while Im at work Im pretty sure some of you can deal with this so Im asking you how? Any inputs on this? Thanks.

  2. you must get some time off in between your long shift. cook something ahead of time in bulk, and carry them in a tupperware brah. easiest meal...brown rice and meat/poultry in a tupperware. also, you could make some homemade protein bars (mine actually arent even a bar or a square or balls....i dont care for how they look so its more of a block) still good. those will definitely pack on some calories to your diet real quick. Sage

  3. i agree with sage....clean out your pm box sage lol

  4. i am in the same situation and could use some ideas for this too.

  5. Originally posted by motleybreu
    i agree with sage....clean out your pm box sage lol
    no doubt! Sage

  6. exactly what sage said...what kind of place do you work in? if it's a desk job i dont see why it would be so bad to take 4 oz turkey and put it on some whole wheat and scarf it down while ur working....I usually end up taking some brown rice and some chicken pieces and mix it all together and cook it up and put it in a tupperware. Works for me. can you use MRP shakes?

  7. I work 12 hour shifts on an ambulance. Brown rice, green beans, yogurt, and corn are my major carb sources and most of my protein comes from chicken...MRP's are the bomb, shake mix gulp, very quick, very easy...pretty much what everyone else has told you. The key for me is to be prepared. I cook for 3 days at a time (any more you risk getting nasty stomach bugs) and have all my meals in the fridge ready to go. Just throw them in a little lunchbox type ice chest thing and head out the door.

    Good [email protected]


  8. oh yeah, those little packets of tuna ROCK! they come in like 3 and 7 oz sizes. Also you can find chicken breast meat in a can with a ring top...also rox but smells like cat food...


  9. I work in a restaurant and my shifts are usually between 4-6 hour, but on Saturdays I work all day (13 hrs). I go through the same thing. It is tough, but like everyone has said, the best way to go is to pre-pack everything. Sometimes as a treat I will go and buy a jumbo pack of beef jerky (high in sodium, but packed with protein) and stuff a few pieces in my mouth when the boss isn't looking.

  10. last summer I worked as a lifeguard at a waterpark and we got a 10 minute break every hour. I would take a protein shake, some sort of carbs like brown bread and a can of tuna in a tupperware container, mixed with something like bbq sauce. I would have one of each thing every break so it lasted me about 3 or 4 hours depending on how much I ate each break. By the end of the summer I was ripped to shreds. On the other hand, I was weak as hell so when August came around I got depressed at my weakness and started eating like a madman to regain mass and strength.

    This summer I'm in ottawa and I haven't gotten my nutrition down very well. I get the chinese noodle soups in the cup and mix it with hot water. I also take a granola bar and a juice. It's not nutritious at all though.


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