Question about weight loss for wife

  1. Question about weight loss for wife

    Hello all, I am new to this forum and I wanted to ask you guys a question. I am worried about my wife, we've been married about a year and a half and she is 29 years old. She's probably put on about 15 pounds since we've been married and she is having a VERY difficult time getting it off.

    She doesnt overeat what so ever, she exercises but to no avail. Our family doc told her that she may have to literally eat less than 1000 calories per day to lose weight because she's only 5 feet tall. She has also been on the pill for about ten years and i wonder if this couldnt be part of it. I have also suggested she see an anti-aging type doctor to get all of her hormones checked out and her thyroid to make sure there's nothing wrong there.

    Does anyone have any advice I can give her? Am I already on the right path?


  2. u throw on at least 5-10 pounds with the pill supposdly because it's tricking ur body to think it's pregnent all the time. Besides that It really has to do with what u eat and when. If she only eat's 2500 calories a day, but a ton of carbs and fats at night she's not going to loose weight. Look at my thread for the top 10 things for your weightloss.

    Besides that, I would have her increase the frequency of meals, smaller high protein with low glycemic carbs, whole wheat, green apples, nuts. Up the water intake to 2 gallons a day. Also green tea extract is great, i like burn3d, i'm also on a new stack u can find it here. No carbs after 5pm, only green apples and uber low glycemics. Try to only eat whole wheats.

    and she can track her intake points with free site that u add what u eat and it tells u what ur eating to much and to little of.

    A good multi, low intensity cardio (135 bp), up the water, and green tea, with spaced out meals of low glycemics, up the protein, and it should come off pretty quick.


  3. Where can i find your 10 things for weightloss, i did a search but couldn't find it.

  4. it's right above this post, most import aspects of weightloss.

    Gl, ask away on the q's.


  5. Ok, simple math.
    1lb fat = 3500 calories.
    Add on or take off thats it.

    Track exactly how many calories she is eating a day - that includes the quick grab of a couple of chips while running out of the door, or the donut that someone brought into work.
    More importantly track how many calories are lost during exercising. One of the most common things I find is how many people think they burn way more calories than they actaully do during their workout. They also tend to eat more, as they think they need the energy before the work out.
    If she is doing a high intensity cardio workout 5 times a week, where she burns at least 500 calories a session, and keeps her calorie intake to about 1500 a day, she should see results. If not, don't eat less, but workout more - take the stairs instead of the elevator, park at the furthest spot from the store etc.
    I know people say that the pill makes you put on weight, but I have been on it for 1 years, and I have control of my weight through diet and excercise.
    Good luck



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