2iu eod and weightloss

  1. 2iu eod and weightloss

    ok im soo new to this but a friend of mine a good friend is a bouncer for a local club, now he has told me this a great weight loss supplement, im 230 lbs with 19% fat and i just want most of it gone lol this and there was 20 cc Clear something that i would be taking also

  2. huh?
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  3. you're at the club now aren't you? Tell the truth.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Ubiquitous
    you're at the club now aren't you? Tell the truth.
    and those 20cc's of "clear stuff" is vodka!

  5. my stuff is never clear...
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  6. Mine is Everclear

    But i'll have to say when I read that i thought I was tripping on some acid that a buddy took one time and somehow I caught his flashback.


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