complete [updated] diet/training/supplements-please critique

  1. complete [updated] diet/training/supplements-please critique

    Meal/Nutrient Breakdown

    training days:
    3000cal + workout drinks
    ~300g protein
    ~300g carbs
    ~70g fat
    2 P/F meals [breakfast/bedtime] w/ 50g protein, 25g fat
    4 P/C meals w/ 50g protein + 75g carbs + 5g fat or 5 caps of CLA

    non training days:
    ~300g protein
    ~210g carbs
    ~100g fat
    3 P/C meals [breakfast, 2 meals after practicing sports] 50g protein/65g carbs/5g fat or 3-5 caps of cla
    2 P/F meals 50g protein/~30g fat
    1 P/F/C [before practicing sports] 50g protein 25g fat 15g carbs

    Meal-related supplements:
    500mg-1000mg acetyl l-carnitine/100mg r-ala/5mg biotin/2 green tea caps every carb meal
    2caps ginger root extract/meal

    Training/Meal Schedule

    Training Days:
    Mornings are 15 min HIIT or 2 mile interval jog
    Evenings are weights
    Mon: snatch/low rep squat/ohp/dip/chin
    Wed: one handed snatch/deadlift/chin/ohp or dip
    Fri: snatch/20 rep squat/row/ohp or dip

    8:00 - P/F
    9:30 - pre workout drink
    9:45 - 10:00 - 15 min HIIT session, followed by post workout drink
    11:30 - P/C
    2:00 - P/C
    4:30 - P/C
    6:00 - pre workout drink
    6:15-7:00 weights followed by post workout drink
    8:00 - P/C
    10:00 - P/F
    go to bed @ 10-10:30ish

    Non-Training Days:
    8:00 - P/C/F
    practice sports for a bit
    10:30 - P/C
    1:00 - P/F
    3:30 - P/F
    practice sports for a bit
    6:00 - P/C
    9:30-10:00 - P/F
    go to bed @ 10-10:30ish

  2. Just curious why the same number of calories but more fat on non workout days. Not criticizing just looking to learn.

    BTW I see you are an Animal diciple.
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  3. I'm wondering the same thing Crowler.

    Is it because you feel you don't need the carbs if you are not burning them on non-workout days?

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