I think I got gallstones from losing weight quickly

  1. Unhappy I think I got gallstones from losing weight quickly

    This week I"ve been eating really good and going to the gym twice a day, with 2 hours a day of cardio along with the hot tub, and wet sauna I spent about 5 hours a day at the gym. I got some pains right in that area (right side under rib cage), and it has felt like a weird cramp for a couple of days. I've really knocked off about 5 pounds this week or so, calories are around 2500 clean proteins and carbs, decent amount of fats 40p/30/30f. Lot of basketball is 99% of my cardio, i even feel some pressure on my back in the same proximity as the front, supposdly if it's swollen it could be pushing back through.

    198-193 this week.

    Taking multi/cissusrx/flax/cod/vitamin e/ burn3d (2caps a day), d4 2 caps ever other day or so. glucosomine, and vitamin c.

    Everything will be cut, i'm going on a fast with fresh fruits and veges, supposedly my diet should be 75% raw. No meat, lotta apple juice. Some olive oil/lemon juice couple times a day. I might take some Ursodiol that I have from my dad. The sides are pretty crazy, but I rather see what I can do.

    Any advice for anyone that's gone through this would be great.

    So yeah no vitamins/supps or working out, besides some jumping knees to chest to try to dislodge the stone, if that's what it is.

    Hope i'm just over reacting, but it's been a constint pain for 2 days, a nagging cramp like feeling in the front and back which is weird.

    "save me jeebus"

  2. Malic acid is supposed to help. You can get it at a supplement store in caps so you don't have to drink so much apple juice.

    There's also a gall/liver flush advertised over at the curezone. Some here have tried it and claimed it worked. I never have, but I just offer it as another avenue.

    Definitely get checked out to make sure it is just gallstones first.

  3. Well the pain went away, i'm pretty sure it was just a muscle that was overworkd from the rough week of basketball and swimming.

    THanks for your advice, just wanted to follow up so you guys didn't think i died.

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