high fat protein

  1. Question high fat protein

    any one know of a protei powder thats high in fat for a ckd?

  2. Are you joking? How hard is it to add flaxseed or olive oil to anything to add fat content. Whether in the shake or on the side. Dont mean to be harsh but WHATT???

  3. Why Don't you just add your own oils to it. I do it all the time, olive oil, flax, hemp.

  4. ... what is "high fat protein"... ?

  5. hmmm.. feeling stupid.
    I meant protein manufacturers always remove the fat and as we all know if you want somthing to taste nice its usually gotta have some fat in it
    so what i was lookin for was is there a protein powder which is higher in fat therfore should taste better than adding oils which can go rancid

  6. The only reason you would want a high fat protein powder on CKD is for bedtime. Get a nice casein blend, some heavy cream and flax, a CKD delight.

  7. Yep...like scotty2 said...if you want the improved taste add heavy whipping cream and or no sugar ff pudding mix.

  8. Muscle Milk

  9. muscle milk might not keep him in keto though, if he's talking about ckd (didn't affect me when I tried it, so that might be an option)... guess I'll share Biggs' List of MRP Ingredients, might give you some ideas:

    -Whey (duh)
    -Egg/Casein (duh)
    -PB (some people worry about the 7g carb... I don't, didn't affect me)
    -Spices (cinnamon, clove)
    -Extracts (rum, vanilla, almond... a dab'll do ya)
    -Heavy Whippin' Cream (booya)
    -Full Fat Cream Cheese (no carb, really helps make it smooth and creamy as well)


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