how many cals for bulking on 1t-pro

  1. how many cals for bulking on 1t-pro

    3594 is my BMR, I about to start a 4 week cycle of 1T-PRO. how many extra cals should i take in? I have read on threads that say 500 a day, but i figured i would be in need of more since i will be taking this stuff. one more quick question. during post cycle what should your cals look like, would it be a bad idea to jump straight into keto at the begining of post C?

  2. How concerned are you with a little extra fat gain? If you're not terribly concerned, I say eat about 4500 cals. If you're nervous, eat 4000. Jumping into keto post cycle is a great idea if you wann lose all your gains. If anything, post cycle cals must be raised slightly.

  3. You should raise cals post cycle to keep gains.

    You could use an ECA or clen to help keep post cycle fat gain to a minimum.

  4. i was going to bulk with a 30%protein 40 carb 30 fat would it be a good idea to change it during post C or should i leave it at that?
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    This is a question that I'm sure Zack might want to ask or will eventually ask after bulking. What do you take to avoid a bloated stomach??

    Also, when you stop your cycle of T-1 pro for 4 weeks, when your on nolva or clomid on the 4 week off t thats when you slightly up cals??? or after the whole cycle period??



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