Please help my G/F pick a fat burner!

  1. Please help my G/F pick a fat burner!

    Hey there,

    To make a long story short, my girlfriend is upset with her size. She's not very big, but she feels very self-concious about her size. She's been going to the gym and dieting but it's hard for her to stick with it. I think she looks fine but I want her to be happy with herself. I think she needs a fat burning supplement, because she's getting more and more depressed about her size. And she is gaining, mostly because I eat like a horse and she hangs out with me! I mean she looks good but I want her to be healthy and happy ya know.

    So I'm open to suggestions.

    Preferbly something that works and does not make her feel jittery. She has a sensitive stomache, and the ones she's taken in the past (Hydroxycut) gave her really bad stomache pains.

    And something that isn't TOO bad on the stim's, because she already talks enough And I don't want her to get strung out.

    I gave her Lean Green, but that can only go so far.

    So far I'm considering:
    Melting Point

    Thanks in advance for your replies. All I've done is bulk: I'm clueless when it comes to LOSING weight!

  2. Renegade,

    I'd avoid the Redline.... unless they have since switched formulas and I am unaware.

    Some non-stim/weak stim options I'd consider include: cAMPhibolic, Lean Green, Melting Point, Sesamin, and Beverly International 7-Keto Musclean (or another 7-Keto that does not have too many added stims)

  3. Last but not least, a bit of motivation. All the pills in the world won't help if she can't maintain motivation. All they'll do is instill a mindset that the pills are necessary to get where she wants to go.

  4. Your focusing on the wrong thing bro. Nail down that diet first! The fatburners will help speed up the process, but are not a substitute for the diet. Maybe more details about her current diet? Cals, ratios, foods she likes, how many meals a day, etc... If the diet isn't working or she's cheating, then you gotta find a way to make the current diet work or change up the diet in a way where she'll want to stay on it(allow for a cheat meal, etc..). I've been through this before with girlfriends.

  5. Cool, thanks for the replies guys. I think i'm going to go with Melting Point...

  6. You can let her take whatever she wants, but if her diet is not in check, no pill is going to work.
    Most of these pills work by supressing apetite and increasing metabolism slightly, but their effect is very small. The real difference is the extra energy you get, which will help increase intensity during workouts.
    Without proper diet and excercise, no fat burning pill is going to do a thing apart from help you lose weight from you wallet.
    If there were a pill that did that, we would all be taking it!!!

  7. cAMPHIBOLIC or greentea extract might be good choices if you want to avoid the stims. You could stack those with the Melting Point.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows
    Cool, thanks for the replies guys. I think i'm going to go with Melting Point...
    Try Omega's Burn3d. It is more economical and has GTE and forskolin which will help her to recomp a little faster.

  9. cAMPH had good reviews from female testers.

  10. Bump the sesamin/camphibolic, effective non stimulatory and relatively cheap for its effects


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