Need some help starting out.

  1. Question Need some help starting out.

    Heya there.

    Currently, I'm 16 (Nearly 17). 5'9, 186 lbs.

    Trying to find some help to drop this weight.

    Previously, I was 5'9, 145lbs. I decided that I was too heavy, and ate about 500 calories a day, dropping to 130lbs.. (Genius move, I know..)

    Within two months, I shot up to 186 , and I just can't seem to shake it.

    My diet is pretty much horrible, as is my excercise. I am looking to change that.

    I am joining a gym in the coming weeks, interested in losing the weight, but also becoming more "mirror friendly".

    I am a complete noob to this subject, so any advice that you'd be willing to offer would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Just do it.

  3. wonder why you're in a bad state and yet you admit that both your diet and workout routine is horrible (I'm even going to guess real exercise is an alien concept for you lately).

    Diet wise...frankly an active 16-18 year old should have no problem keeping in shape if they exercise regularly but if you can try to keep the foods you eat clean, like chicken, tuna, eggs, pasta, rice, bread, oats, etc.

    You want a solid workout routine and you'll want to do some form of cardio aswell, taking up a sport if you haven't already would be a good move I'll get you in the right mentality of being fit to do what you love.

  4. Hey bud. I was like you at one point... You'll hear a lot of complicated **** for a beginner, like macronutrient ratios, training splits, etc, but ignore all that **** just for now and keep it simple.

    1) Learn the concept of calories: calories in vs. calories out and how to lose weight. Go to Howstuffworks "How Dieting Works" to learn the basics of calories and weight loss.

    2) Once you have that down, figure out how many calories you have to intake and subtract 500. Eat that amount of calories and keep protein at LEAST around your bodyweight in protein and eat the rest in carbohydrates and clean fat. Make sure your food sources come from whole foods. Keep a foodjournal on

    3) Start doing light cardio in the morning a few days a week. A 45 minute jog is good.

    4) Get a gym membership, some help and lift. I would start out doing upper body and lower body on different days, while learning how to do major exercises. Once you learn more exercises and more about lifting/form, you can get a more complicated routine.

  5. great advice, just keep searching through this section. Ton's of great info and a lot of people who got this down to a science.

    All I can say is eat clean, lot of whole wheat, tuna, chicken.

    Take a multivitamin, try to take whey protein pre and post workout, eat right and drink tons of water.

    You'll be fine, just try to be consistent in whatever you do.

    gl, and keep asking questions once you get a handle on what you can do and what you think will work for you.

  6. Smile

    Alright, cool.

    Thank you for the help everyone.

    Very much appreciated =)

  7. One thing that I would suggest, too: get support. I'm guessing since you are 16, you have someone to cook for you. Tell that person your goals! They may say that you're young, you don't need to diet... well, that is the problem with today's youth.

    At 16, weight should not be a problem. And if it is, heart disease and diabetes could be down the road (along with a lot more of the American population). I don't mean to be cruel, but I am a realist. Our generation will not live as long as our parents simply because we are becoming a nation of obesity. If you want to get on the right path, now is your chance.

    I think Ziricote hit the nail right on the head: JOIN A SPORT!! School just started, right? Fine. There's football and soccer! At your age and metabolism, a little hard work will melt that fat right off. And who knows? You might even enjoy yourself! But don't stop there. In winter, join wrestling or basketball. Spring, track or baseball.

    Do some research on obesity and our nation's youth yourself. It's scary... but guess what? It's true. If you want a healthy life, start now. No more time for excuses.

    Good luck.

  8. But also keep in mind, you're only 186 lbs. You've got a long way to go before you look like this :donut:

  9. Do you have a weightlifting club or powerlifting team at your school? Even if you decide to not play sports, see if the coach(es) will let you work out in the weight room with the team. Joining sports in HS ain't such a bad idea. We had to lift and run all summer for football, plus I did powerliftingin the spring...that meant I had to work out 9 months out of the year.

  10. The more you learn as time goes by the better and easier things will come. You are still young, so dropping weight will be easier. The biggest thing you can do is realize you are making a change you want to keep your whole life. Don't worry about weightloss numbers or muscle gains. Focus on consistency. When you join the gym, set a schedule of days you will go. ALWAYS go on those days, if you can't make it up later in the week). If you go consistently and just do a little more each time you'll reach your goals (and then set new ones :-) ) You won't lose the weight you want overnight so don't try to go too fast. You want to be in shape and look the way you want in 20 years and later, so losing the weight now is just a small part of your bigger goal.

    The more you learn about diet and exercise, etc. the easier it is to change your habits. People often make huge goals and go at hard for a short time and burn out and quit (every gym has its new year's crowd for a little while). If you look at everything you do as a longterm deal, its easier to stick to.


  11. Heya, thanks for some more input.

    Yeah, I despise most sports with a passion, although I think I'm starting to love skim boarding...

    Doesn't take a great body, but it's is motivation.

    Still looking for a gym. A few close ones are 18+, and I can't use the school's (jerk coaches), so we shall see.

    Thanks again. =)

  12. Small steps add up over time.

  13. Alrighty.

    Just join Bally's today.

    Not the most ideal place, but it's near my house.

    Going to start off with going after school (In school from 7am to 2:35pm), and see how it goes from there.
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  14. Thoughts on playing Dance Dance Revolution for morning cardio?

    Works the hell out of me in non-stop heavy mode.


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