Off Exercise Wagon

  1. Off Exercise Wagon

    Hey Anabolic Friends,

    I have gotten out of the grove with my weightlifting routine. Does anyone have some great motivation advise? I could also use a good sugar cleanse if anyone knows of one. I would like to hear from ladies but guys are cool too.



  2. How long have you been lifting? What level of experience do you have with it? How was your diet previous to falling off the wagon? Are you lifting heavy or light?

  3. would love to help but like callme said will need to know alot more of your background to be much of a help

  4. Thanks for the quick reply. Here is a little 411.
    I have been weight training for 2 yrs. My previous routine was I would weight train in the early morning from 5am to 7am. I would work legs on monday, chest and back on tue, and shoulders arms on wed, then do cardio on thurs and start the cycle again on fri. I would normally just run on weekends and go back to the gym on monday. I was taking many supplements like creatine, no explode, no2 etc.
    Now my job has changed and I am working in the morning from 430am till about 230 or 3pm. I am having a hard time getting motivated. I have put on about 10lbs. I weigh 180 to 185 and I was down to 175. My goal was to get lean at 160 and lose 15lbs if body fat. Now I find myself back into poor eating and no consistant weight training.

    I hope this was enough information.


  5. im just wondering are you looking for a good routine (such as diet and training) to follow or do you need help getting more motivated to put back into process what you had been doing?

    Inspirational wise its hard to say something that will make you want to get up and go, but all I can say is look around and read through many of the success stories and logs of people overcomming obstacles to reach their goals~ inpsirational.

    If you need help with diet and training Im sure we can help

    As for a sugar cleanse~ just start eating clean and your body will cleanse itself

  6. Thanks OCC,

    I will take u UP on your advise. I used to read the muscle mags religiously and that always helped. I will do that also.
    As for clean diet, I know what should be done but I would like some tips on how to prep quick foods. I am used to cooking big meals and I do not have time now. If anyone has suggestions on quick foods with nutritional value that takes little time to prep please let me know.



  7. tukery/chicken/tuna sandwhiches on whole wheat bread
    tuna packets
    tuna cans
    beef jerky (inbetween meals)
    lean meat deli sandwhiches

    stuff like that?

  8. best way to get into the gym is take a pre workout drink or some caffeine pills, then your forcing yourself to go in a sense, unless you wanta go crazy at home. I can understand after a long day of work and getting to the gym could be tough. I like to take my kre-akaline pills (creatine) and ampd by ergopharm or Ready 4 War by get diesel as a pre workout stim. I actually drink the ready for war during a workout and just keep watering it down when it gets low. Also I would recommend some azz kicking music like rage against the machine or whatever works for you. If it works for you maybe take a nap after work after a little snack, wake up around 5ish and hit the gym.

    You have plenty of options, you just need to adapt to your new conditions.

    Good luck.



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