Bodyfat help (7 site or 3 site method?)

  1. Bodyfat help (7 site or 3 site method?)

    I just got a 7-site caliper measurement today from a trainer at my gym. The trainer was extremely knowledgable at taking measurements, as she's been doing it for 20 years.

    At any rate, she took the 7 standard sites... However, she uses a YMCA fitness handbook/table to look up my bodyfat %, which uses the 3 point method. The 3 point method came in at 13.5%, but when I plugged the measurements that she took into an online 7-point method calculator, it came out to 12.3%.

    Can I assume that my bodyfat is closer to 12.3% and that the 7-point calculator is more accurate? Or should I stick with the 3-site method. Reason I'm being so nitpicky is that I might be suiting up for competition, so I need to follow bf closely to determine what weight I need to be at.

  2. You should assume that, if she is proficient with the calipers, the 7-site test will be more accurate than the 3-site test. However, I'd seriously question why she is taking seven data points, but then only using three. (Mathematically challanged?)

    Since you were able to locate a calculator to plug the seven numbers into the regression equation, I'd say your BF is closer to 12.3%.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by t-bone2
    (Mathematically challanged?)
    Exactly my friend. Only way she was able to figure it out from there was by looking at a chart... only chart she had was for 3-site method. She was no doubt an expert at taking skinfold measurements though

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