New to BDC and have a few ?'s

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  1. Woah... sorry I'm late bro's!

    Heh, so I'm so late jumping in, yesterday was a hellish day for me.

    Anyways, YJ is getting ya on the right track, as always. If you're having problems with the plan/layout, go to I know it's a little off in values, but you'll get the general idea to see where you're headed. Also, add new things to it as often as you can set a label in front of you. If this is your first time really laying out the meal plan, gather a list of everything you can potentially eat in one day, and start forming some 40/40/20 meals out of it.

    Now the side no one's mentioned... we don't know if you're an ecto/meso/endo as of yet, but how long have you been using that same training routine? I'm a (modified to the individual) HIT, HST kinda guy. If you've been doing the same thing for over a year, you may need a good shock in the training department.Works wonders for many many bb's hitting a plateau.

    Finally, in reference to your original post, I believe what you were sent here for is prohoromones.Whoever said at 18 you should be checking these out is a bit out of line. They are essentially the legal precursors to steroids. If you don't want to do steroids, ya probably don't want these either. And you shouldn't even be considering them for several more years.

    All in all, stick around. We'll get you're training and nutrition in order. Whatever you're goal, the bros around here have the info to get ya there


    BTW: Wardog's protein squares are *fantastic* ... add milk, eat with oatmeal or something, and you have a majorly good dessert.

  2. Originally posted by YellowJacket
    Remember, to bulk you must eat more calories than you burn
    Basis for gaining weight,very important, a lot of people dont realize this simple fact!!!

    Energy intake > enery Output = gain weight

  3. Hey guys, Just thought i would give everyone a heads up on how everything is going. I am starting a new work out routine as of tomorrow to change things up a little bit. I think it will help me grow a little bit more by working each individual muscle more. I have not had a coke in 3 days now. It is hard to see people drinking them, but i just think about the results. I made a batch of those protein squares and they are delicious. I do not have a set diet, but i am watching what i eat, and making sure i eat enough each day. I usually have protein shakes after my work out and before i go to bed, and a carbo rush before i work out. So far it seems to be working out. I feel alot more healthy and energetic. Thanks guys for your help so far.

  4. cottage cheese may be a better idea instead of a protein shake before going to bed. whey protein gets absorbedreally fast and does not stay in gastro tract long enough to provide ample nutrition.
    Casein, the protein found in dairy products, forms a gel in your stomach and stay in your tract much logner providing a steady source of protein all night.
    Also, casein is much higher in glutamine than whey protein. I used to drink milk before going to bed, but i read somewhere that due to high glycemic carbs in milk, it inhibit the release of GH in the body, so its preferable to have cottage cheese rather than milk before going to bed.
    Just a suggestion

  5. protein shake is great before bed ...but the best idea of course is to use a blend mix. as Kay said, casien dominated blend is best. For some of us, purchasing a 5lb + tub of whey powder is easiest and most economic so if thats the case, i would atleast throw in flax, pb, some milk, to slow down the digestion of your shake. again like Kay said, cottage cheese a better choice over milk cuz milk is great casien source but does contain and equal amount of sugar and protein. (while cottage cheese has minimal amounts of carbs.

  6. Try the 10 Week Size Surge by Steve Holman...but don't pay $9.99


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