Calories in sugar free jello?

  1. Calories in sugar free jello?

    Are the calories in sugar free jello negligible? Should they even be counted? I was under the assumption that sugar free jello was basically calorie free... I must've eaten about 3 boxes over the last few days. Low and behold, I stop being an idiot and look at the box and it's actually 10 calories/serving (8 servings per box), which means I consumed about 240 extra cals these last few days... not good.

    Or are the calories negligible? It lists 0 carbs, 0 fat, 1g protein.

  2. Count everything. Even the empty one's. That's how I did it anyway. Different folks have different takes on the whole calorie counting thing. I believe in counting everything, and sticking to the same stuff everyday. Not everyone's into that.

  3. I used not to count jello. The protein is from cartilage and aspartame(phenylanaline) and is so minimal it will never make a difference, as you will spend as much calories to digest the jello. Hope it helps

  4. what typer of sugar free jello? The ones I have seen have 35cals per serving with 6g of carb (no sugar) but can add up..

    What brand is this?

  5. The real Jello brand. Says 10 cals, but 0 carbs, 0 fat, 1g protein

  6. I wouldn't count it unless you eat it 5 times a day..

  7. Heh... I've been known to eat 3 packs a day. I might cut down a bit.

  8. 3 packs at 8 servings a pack = 24 servings.


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