Fat Burner Question!....Help

  1. Fat Burner Question!....Help

    I would appreciate any information on a good fat burner for women. I wasn't sure if fat burners like hyrdoxycut, hot rox, etc are designed more for men. My girlfriend insists on trying a fat burner and i was wondering what a good choice would be...thanx in advancy guys

    Mike Drags

  2. cardio training, but i like green tea extract.

    eating clean and many small meals.

  3. Hey bro, welcome to the board. Run a search... lots of good reviews on fat burners. IMO, there's no real difference when it comes to gender in terms of fat burners -- just smaller doses to account for weight. I would still stick with Ephedrine/Caffeine, or maybe try out some Venom.

  4. Like NY mentioned, go with EC, just build up the dose slowly to be on the safe side. I liked Venom because I didn't get a big crash from it.

  5. Venom seemed to melt my fat away like it was butter... unfortunately, in the 2 weeks I was on it I thought of 10000 ways that I could possibly die. 9999 of them were irrational.

  6. Lipo-6 works really well too.

  7. I think USPLabs cAMPHIBOLIC had good reviews from female testers.


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