So I have to buy new belts, old ones to big

  1. Smile So I have to buy new belts, old ones to big

    Just wanted to post this as I think it's sortof a big deal. I have 2 really nice belts and one old one. I can only really wear one of them but it's on it's closest notch. Just thought I would share, can't wait to cut down some more and fit into 32 size jeans again like in highschool.

    Thanks to everyone on the forum for getting to me to this stage in my weightloss. There was no way I could have gotten my diet and xrsize routine down along with my supps all in order without you all.

    Have to give it up to Tighe for getting me on the right path, without his kick start and guidance I would still be a depressed 210 pounds little girly man. But he showed the the promised land (AM).

    Thanks again guys, ur great advice has already helped many others as I am now the guy to ask questions on this stuff. I'm spreading the gossip.

  2. Congrats! Nice feeling eh?

  3. It's great, I even know now that I need a good black belt to match black shoes (which i need to buy) and brown belt for brown shoes. I've made a complete 180 when it comes to health and style... lol

    I'm actually looking forward to buying clothes as it will look good on me for once.

  4. Congratulations!

  5. thanks brother.



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