1. Mesotherapy???

    So, I'm on a date last week and decide to go to a cool Japanese restaurant to enjoy some teppanyaki and sushi. We're sitting at the cooking table eating away as the chef does all his whoppachoppa tricks with some complete strangers. One of the chicks there was extremely hot. My chick and I start talking to her as we all drank some sake. I think she was flirting with a 3-way, my chikc thought the same thing and got her number even...I swear.

    Anyways...she starts telling us about her breast implants, how her lips had been done, etc. She then tells us about mesotherapy and how she is undergoing sessions with it. She tells us that it's a treatment where injections are made in the fatty areas where it melts the fat away over time. She then lifts her shirt to show us her stomach. The chick had some nasty bruises all over her stomach and said she just had her fourth session a couple of days ago. She said she was seeing some very good results fromt he therapy, but damn, the bruises were ugly.

    I don't know if anyone here has some experience with this therapy. My chick was all interested in it, but I've been trying to play the spoiler so she won't go this route just to lose the few pounds she wants to lose. Any experienced info would be appreciated.

    For those who want to just check on this stuff, here's a link
    Mesotherapy Treatment, Cellulite, Weight Loss

  2. Only you can go from a thresome story to bruised mesotherapy discussion. *******

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk
    Only you can go from a thresome story to bruised mesotherapy discussion. *******
    LOL....I'm telling you, she was hot. However, it really turned me off when I saw her stomach. Looked like she went through a 10 round bout with Mike Tyson, but her ears were still in tact. My chick was interested in her enough to where she got her number as we were leaving.

  4. There are several nurses I know that swear by it. They drive to columbus ohio all of the time for treatments. They swear it has helped them lose fat in areas they just couldnt trim.

  5. Yeah, I've heard about it before but never expended the time or energy to further research it.. It's just another easy way out for the lazy population to achieve results without having to put in work or diet.. ie. liposuction, those stupid wraps, calf implants, and pec implants

  6. my whole family is doctors and incidentally my uncle is a plastic surgeon specializing in derm hahah. He also swears by mesotherapy because he says its easier and cheaper than liposuction. He has given me the therapy once and let me tell you.... IT SUCKED. I got about 20+ injections and it hurt like a ***** for about a week. after about 3 days your entire abdominals will bruise up and turn hard as stone (if you get injections in the midsection). It will stay like this for about a week and a half then right as things start to get better..... its time to go in for another session . talk about a vicious cycle. I noticed a decent spot reduction but it is DEF not worth the pain and hinderance in workouts.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Cuffs
    but her ears were still in tact.
    I tried not to laugh...I swear! Anyways tell her you'll give her so Mesohorny Therapy for free.

    How about we find out, what exactly they are injecting then homebrew it?


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