Kam's Powerfull/CissusRX/Burn3d/Sesamin Cycle

  1. Cool Kam's Powerfull/CissusRX/Burn3d/Sesamin Cycle

    I have been on here for a little while now, made some pretty good gains with diet and exercise. At my greatest gerth I was 215, now i'm down to 194.4 pounds at 5'9.

    Diet is in line (I think, still spreading them out, but i wake up at 10am and it throws everything off)

    -eggs (2 whites 1 whole) on whole wheat for breakfest cooked in evoo (little bit of cheese.... I need the fat.....)
    -Lunch is a PWO monster shake 44 grams o whey, oats, cottege cheese, Ice
    -snack of tuna sandwhich mid afternoon(mayo,mustard,lettuce )
    -Dinner tuna steak/salmon with rice and broc.
    -Maybe a glass of water and isopure somewhere imbetween

    Ok now to the supps
    Powerfull (purple) 2x 3 times a day
    CissusRX (green) 2x 2 times a day
    Burn3d 2x 3 times a day
    Sesamin 2 a day
    Amp 2 3x a week
    Elite K Kre Alkalyn 3 preworkout 1 post 3x a week
    Glutomine ee 2 pre 1 post 3x a week

    Nutrient additives
    GNC mega man 2x a day
    Flaxseed oil 1000mg 2x a day
    Glucosamine 1500mg+MSM 1500mg 2x a day
    Cod liver oil softgels 2x a day
    Vitamin E 400 I.U(?) 2x a day
    Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc 1 a day
    Vitamin C 500mg 1 a day

    That's what i'm taking, I think it's a bit much and please tell me what to add or delete from the list as I have a reason for all of them.

    m-f empty stomach cardio morning
    Monday Chest Tri
    Tuesday Abs
    Wes Legs lower back
    Thursday Bi Upper back
    Friday Shoulder/calf (still deciding on what to do with fri)

    (I'm going to try to keep the same routine for the cycle just so I can see my progress)
    Sunday will only be recreational exercise

    I know I need more calories, but I have enough energy at the gym and I can't eat any more.

    Please critique as I want all of your feedback, and respect everything you all have to say as I have already learned so much from you all and will continue to learn for a long time.

    I'll be doing this for a month hopefully I can get into the 180's with a teen bf%.
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  2. Good luck on this one! Looks good

  3. thanks jj, if it was you, and you were me.......

    would you change or add anything?

  4. Make sure the rice is long grain brown. I would cut off mayo, and make sure bread is 100% whole wheat. Maybe don't need kre alkalyn, as I find it might tend to cause water retention. Oh, and the cheese is ok in moderation. You can add almonds, or olive oil in salad to get more fat..

    Good luck

  5. thanks, i've always had white rice, time for a change, and the mayo is the good natural trader joes, i'll start using less and less, I cut it with no fat yogurt for my tuna sandwhichs, and I am using whole grain wheat, I might get the ubr trader joes wheat germ bread next time i go shopping.

    The reason I pict the kre is for a little more endurance with my weight training and because I would think that it would need the least amount of water retention in the creatine world. But it's still creatine so some water retention will happen.

    And for the salad it's a evoo, with balsamic, rice wine vinagar, dijon mustard and a little soyaki (soy, ginger etc.) from trader joes. I'll start cutting some of the fun stuff out, I thought it would be good to keep some to make sure I get enough cals and fat, but a little trimming is ok in my book, as that's what i'm trying to do today.

    And to report today, added about 10% on my bench felt pretty good while at the gym, nothing seem to hurt me or there was no discomfort even though I was pushing it.

    The powerfull/crx was a tiny rough on my stomach but nothing more then 1 on the pain scale (out of 10).

    I think i'm going to take tomorrow off as my legs hurt and i'm walking around like i'm the little guy in prison. Back to work latest monday. Everyone have a good weekend and please some more critiquein please.

    thanks for your replies jjohn, glad to see u back in weight loss, can't wait for your article on the european drug.

  6. Kre will not increase endurance, but ATP which increases short term energy for heavy weight sets. Vinegar is good as it lowers the GI. I just put regular vinefar in mine to add a good taste. Watch out for the dijon mustard, you may want to use the regular one.

    As for the drug article, I forgot the magazine at work, but I can do some research for ya if I can find something out..


  7. Why should I worry about the dijon, i looked at the ingredients, all natural mustard seed, wine, vinegar citric acid was the only thing that stood out. Only 9 calories per serving.

    Oh yeah I don't think i'm a snob but I don't like regular yellow mustard, i bet that stuff has way more chemicals then what i'm eating. And i think the stuff tastes to chemically.

  8. Just reporting today the workout and other effects.

    The gym was intense, yeah it was the first day, and it was the first time having a spotter in a while but I was putting some more plates on for bench. Even after a crazy set, I didn't have any post set pain really, and I was working pretty hard. I know this sounds a little far fetched from being only the first day, but my body reacts incredibly hard to most things I take.

    I would like to go to the gym, but first breakfest and see if there's some bball to be played. Legs hurt but not half as bad as previous days.

    Oh and the sleep thing, took me a while to get to sleep but the 5-6 hours or so seem to have gotten charged pretty well, still a little grogy as I took a couple sleeping pills. But the sleep feels like it's done it's job even though it was short, i've been running off 10+ hours of sleep in recent weeks.

    Post workout was awsome though, went out kept myself to two beers, ran into a ton of old good friends, felt like a I had a little extra confidence or something, the women responded well. lol I don't know if it's my killer bod..... or just not being ashamed of my body for the first time in a while. Some women commented on my physique so i'm happy.

    Just took 2pfulls,2crx,2 burn3d pre breakfest is there any thing I should worry about putting the three together on an empty stomach? Just asking I feel ok right now a little rumble in the jungle(stomach) but no pain.

    Now on my way to make a 3 egg (1 yoke) sandwhich on whole wheat, and my insane cheat of a glass of OJ.

  9. hey kam you have been giving me a lot of advice i really hope this works for you .....good look

  10. Actually i'm changing back to my mon chest tri, wens legs lower back, thur bi uppr back.

    I keep wanting to get big while doing this cut, god i'm such a noob. So i'm going to tone and build a little bit, but keeping it cardio and losing weight and getting down to a low bf% is what i need to do. 4x 10-12 for most lifts.

    can't have the best of both worlds. Time to cut and see some definition not get big.

    Had a good weekend afraid of checking the scale but here i go.

    195.8 not bad for having a couple drinks over the weekend and going out to fridays on saturday night as a treat from a friend who I changed breaks and plugs for and I had the best mango mai tai and ribs and shrimp. ahhhhhhhhhhh, insert drool here.

    So yeah can still have fun without major problems, can't keep doing it but it's nice to know it's not the end of the world after a cheat weekend, even though i lifted fri and sunday which probably helped a lot.

    Today at the end of working out and after I had so much energy, i was going crazy, i don't know what got into me, but i just had to do like 100 push ups... yeah i'm a dork, might be the powerfull probably.

    To report so far so good, the powerfulls taste a little funny and that's my only complaint. Feel good and looking good so far, i'm seeing new vains and muscles everyday.

    Excited about next week. Wake up early do some empty stomach cardio with some powerfull and crx(is that going to hurt like i think it is?) eat a bunch of spread out meals hit the gym again later do some chest and tris. I'll start logging what lifts and reps and weights to see how fast the gains come to make this log somewhat viable.

    Thanks for the kind words hot appreciate the luck, but i got this one in the bag baby.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Kam
    Why should I worry about the dijon, i looked at the ingredients, all natural mustard seed, wine, vinegar citric acid was the only thing that stood out. Only 9 calories per serving.

    Oh yeah I don't think i'm a snob but I don't like regular yellow mustard, i bet that stuff has way more chemicals then what i'm eating. And i think the stuff tastes to chemically.
    Ok, then. It's just that some have sugar in them. Nevermind.. Keep it up. We're watching you

  12. Well I didn't post this before but on sunday I had a pretty good burn on my right hand in the palm closest to the thumb, I have a monster blister that is full of water and such. It's about the size of a silver doller, I touched the exhaust manifold on my friends mustang as we were checkn plug wires. I made a small hole yesterday near the base of the mountain and drained it so I could play free golf. Looks like i'm going to have to drain again so I can lift today as i did nothing but cardio and golf and hot tub yesterday. Just a little bump in the road should clear up by next week.

    We shall see how it effects my workout, i'll drain and cover it, worst case scenario is that it'll be a cardio week.

    Thanks, I gotta make up for the fun i've had the last 4 days, back to work. Yesterday was the best case of the mondays.

    Oh and about the cycle, i missed my second and third serving of powerfull + crx yesterday, i'm not going to load to catch up right now, I'll just stay on it's regular serving and I don't think I"ll have any problems. Looks like I need to keep a pill bottle with me now to make sure I stay on schedule.

    lbs 196.4 (........)(to much fun)(hopefully down to 193 by the end of the week with good cardio and getting hydrated again(not retaining water))

  13. Had a awsome workout today. I don't know if it was the shirt I was wearing or what, but I don't think I've ever looked that good, like muscle definition, chest size, good size vains. I felt like a beast, I wasn't expecting much as I had a few beers and a good time yesterday. But I had some of the best pumps, not crazy weight just looked and felt really good.

    The hand made it hard for bench and a couple other exercises but wasn't much of a hinderance.

    So far so good, ran a mile post while watching the simpsons where bart was sent to fat camp. Very funny. I'm going to start planning my workouts around tv, morning empty stomach cardio and post workout cardio.

  14. Didn't get much sleep last night, but today I decided to take legs off and just do 5 miles of cardio on empty stomach. 2 treadmill ave around 6mph and 3 on eliptical average 6.5 or so.

    Weighed in when I got back

    193.2 Lowest in 5 years by far.

    I'm about to pop a couple more powerfulls, maybe have a protein shake go to the driving range for free hit about 20 bucks worth of balls. Then go out for dinner with the family for my birthday. I'm old over here at 23. I don't feel any different about age, but it is sure nice going to the gym and having some ladies check you out for once.

    If I stay good the rest of the week I could be in the 180's next week, oh yeah giggidy.

  15. Had a lot of fun last night, actually to much fun, went to a great chinese buffet (best one in IL) 75th and Lemont New china buffet. Had a lot of sushi and crab and ton's of crayfish. After went over to friends house had 5 beers, then had 1 more at my next friends house.

    Weighed in at 196 today, so little mad, but I'm going back to the gym as soon as I absorbe my pfull/crx and have breakfest.

    Bi and Back today my favorite. I'll try to do 1 mile pre and 1 mile post as I seem to respond very well to cardio training. I'll go again to the gym on friday so I can try to get into weekend trim. All in all had a good birthday, glad there was no cake or I would really be mad at myself.

    Couldn't fall asleep last night, read until 6am, woke up just a little bit ago. Yeah I'm a bum.

    Oh if anyone could comment on my supplements and nutrients I would appreciate it as It was my first time putting everything together and I doubt that I could already be dead on with what I need. Please someone give me something to take away from the list and add.

  16. Today I had a great time in the gym, met a couple cool guys and gave them a ton of advice. Also I've added 10 pounds to each dumbbell for biceps, added 20 pounds for my back exercise. Shrugs were intense kept adding pounds and pushed through it.

    Did 2 miles pre on eliptical (watching Yes dear, the usual suspects knockoff it was funnY). Bi and Back, felt really good throughout workout. Ran 1.2 miles on the eliptical post workout. Just had some skim milk and one serving of whey with some steak, potatoes ,cucumbers. Feel great.

    I'm going to do chest and tris again tomorrow along with a morning empty stomach cardio. I will let all you know how it's going.

    I'm doing great so far, reps are strong and I keep getting stronger pretty quickly. Can't wait to be cut baby.

  17. Well had a good double session today, did chest and tri's a little bi's. Good intensity, my back is a little tight from yesterday but besides that doing good. I've cut down on my burn3d as I Don't like taking them with the pfull and crx on an empty stomach all at once, and my meals haven't been planned that well.

    Also I'm trying to have my nutrient supps sortof random so my body doesn't get accustom to them.

    Need to work on diet next week and pick up some supplies. I should be able to get on somewhat of a good wake up and workout and eating schedule after this weekend.

    Doing good, great pumps, slimming down but the weights not melting off, i think i'm trading muscle for fat so I'm not seeing much difference on the scale. I don't know only time will tell.

    I'm going to take another pic and tape off again to see how far I have come since I last measured.

    All and all very happy so far

  18. My back and chest are sore I might have to take today off, but I like getting some sets in before going out.

    My mom started taking some of my crx and she likes it with the glucosomine and cod liver oil, she says she can already tell a difference, I thought I felt a difference pretty quickly with the pfull/crx on my knees.

    Besides that Doing great, friends I haven't seen in years were telling me I'm ripped, I have so much more to go but it feels good to have noticable gains that others can see. If i keep this up I might have to be a pt for how much advice i'm giving out.

    I still don't know how to convince people that it's ok that I take 10+ pills a day, but I don't really care, just that know one seems to understand.

    Thanks everyone for all your advice so far, I'm not saying this is a victory but I'm really happy with where i'm at, and where I'm going.


  19. So I took sat and sunday off besides the two hours of tennis today on a pretty much empty stomach. Feel refreshed looking forward to hittin the gym tomorrow. Had to much fun this weekend, time to get back on track and undo some late night fun.

    I will see if I can bring a not pad with me so I can log my weight exercises and see the progression. I'm going on vaca tue-thur up to wisconsin to get some sun and spend time with the fam. Should be active enough to fight of the nice dinners, don't worry I'm bringing 2 pounds of tuna premade with bread.

    So i'm taking a vacation from the vacation i'm on right now..... But i'll be swimming and what not, still take supps but cut it down for the most part.

    Hopefully i can have some new numbers for you guys tomorrow.

    Good night,


  20. Had some awsome reps today. Great preworkout on empty stomach. Went back after a good egg breakfest. Kicked up my hammer curls started at 40pds, then 45, then 50, then 55 and finished 20 reps (10 each arm). Hurt my wrist a little or some new muscle started growing, it feels fine now. Bench was good. I did 500 pounds on 40 degree leg press. built up 90 pounds every set through 4(10 reps). Bench is still a little wussy even though me chest looks pretty good and tight. Flies were good. Tris were pretty good getting some definition.

    All in all my cardio endurance is increasing dramatically along with my biceps and legs at the moment, can't wait for my chest and tris to catch up.

    Very happy on this stack, I've been cutting the other nutrients and supps down as I don't want my body getting accustomed to it and excpecting it everyday.

    I have the strength and the cardio ability now just some fine tuning and I will be a lean mean machine.

    The double session was great today, i felt pretty charged at the gym the second time around, and reading the book during the cycle got my mind off of it and it was 10 miles later before I knew it.

    Hopefully I'll be somewhat sore tomorrow or i'm superhuman and will take powerfull everyday for the rest of my life.

  21. No soreness, pulling anohter double session today, I'm really thinking this is the way to go. Morning with a empty stomach cardio from an hour to two hours. Then nice lunch and back to the gym for some weight lifting. with a little postworkout cardio.< 1mile.

    Still need to get my diet in line, i've been having to much fun, I'm a little disgusted with myself as I was doing really good. I'm not eating horribly but I go out have some beers with my friends and the vacation wasn't the healthiest food ever either. Every time I say I'll start next week, but I'm going to go out and look for a job locally so I will be getting up reasonably and get on schedule with working out, supplements, diet.

    195.5 pounds, I think i'm building some muscle to cover up some fat loss, but my belly isn't disappearing as it once was.

    It's happening gradual and i'm realizing this, but I still need to get my ducks in a row. planning my meals and waking up early is the key.

    But still love my p/crx. For anyone it is great, i feel good all the time, in the gym outside of the gym, def a lot more confidence.
  22. end of stack

    Well I only have 2 powerfull's left, so this is the end of this stack.

    All in all the pfull/crx stack was great, energy, endurance, libido, confedence, resilency.

    The product was good, to bad I wasn't, just to preoccupied with having fun and the two vacations sortof killed me back to back. I got down to 193.5 and was going to break into the 180's the next week but went on vacation for pretty much 8 days straight, and I was on the road so my diet suct, even though I got to go to the gym and swim a little bit.

    I got what I wanted out of the stack.

    today I weighed in at 195.4, so nothing really to report, my max's have all been increased bicep and tricep esp. Cardio training really has no end, as I usually just stop on my empty stomach at 3 miles.

    Good experience, can't wait for my 1x Gitcha Big/Hard Stack By: Scivation.

    Hopefully next time I can have a log that will actually give you guys useful info.

    Thanks for the advice and help everyone, I just wish I did it on my side.

    Looking forward to getting on a good planned diet and schedule next week to really get my bf down.

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  23. Actually as I was comparing the two pictures from before and after, i noticed that I lost some excess weight around the mid section, and also toned up around my neck and upper chest. It looks like I did some good with this month, can't wait to see what's going to happen with a good schedule and diet.

    Defiently feel a little bit better after taking a look at the before and after pics, I might have even lost some baby fat from my face. Ah we shall see. And I can see a little bit of rib this time.

    Great stack would recommend it to anyone looking for a little something something.


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