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    Okay, so I've made a decision to try and be really good for at least the month of August. I know that doesn't sound like much, but I'm trying to trick myself into forming good habits, by telling myself its only for a short time. On to the specifics.

    I've been working out for several years now, know all the basics and such, mostly the only problem is getting myself to do them. I have also decided that my first goal is to lean out, basically I want a six pack, and am not concerned about putting on muscle until I reach that goal. I realize that I'll probably lose some muscle along the way, but its always been easy for me to gain weight, and muscle mostly when I'm careful.

    So I'm 20, about 5'10", and around 170 lbs. last I checked. i'm not too sure about bf% but i would guess between 12 -14%. I can see some of the outlines of my upper abs, but can't really call it definition.

    I think my biggest problem is eating clean. Usually the more i think about being good the sooner i am to go and snack on something bad. But its all mental and I can beat that. I've also found that taking diet supplements don't really help, either I don't eat enough, or I tend to make excuses that well its numbers not quality.

    So for food -
    Protein shake morning - 40 grams protein, cup skim milk
    Lunch - some salad with meat (dining hall - yeah in summer)
    Dinner - depends on whats available - salad/apple
    Post W/o - shake 60 grams protein, cup skim milk

    So I know that its not the best and well balanced, but its what I can manage in between all my classes and on a meal plan. And in the past I have done the specific 6 meals throughout the day and balanced and it didn't really work out, but this way is easier to count calories.

    Workout -
    I start with some jump-roping. I've worked up from two sets of 400 and 350 (about three months ago) to three sets of 1000, with about 15 seconds rest in between each set (enough to get a drink of water and wipe off the sweat) I am in the school gym and unfortunately its hot as hell, so I sweat a lot, and that makes things harder.
    After the jump rope I go to the eliptical machine and try to go until I hit 500 calories at 170 lbs, and a high level (15/16). I do this steady, but at a good pace. I've tried both hiit and steady and didn't find much difference accept my endurance for long distance was killed when i only did hiit. Plus i can read a book if i stay steady.
    After this I do weights.
    mon - chest and tris
    tue - shrugs and forearms
    wed - legs (sometimes) and abs
    thurs - shoulders and calfs
    fri - back and bis
    I try to go as heavy as I have the energy for, which is usually my top weights for at least the first exercise, its just the later ones that tend to suffer at all. I would like to get stronger and put on some muscle, but I have decided on a priority and mainly just want to focus on preservation of muscle while losing fat.
    I would definitely appreciate advice and tips. Mostly though, I'm putting this up to encourage myself to stick to it and follow through. By the end of the month I want to be in the best shape of my life. So - Here's to a great month.

  2. read my list in this section. (what's important for your weight loss)

    Physical Fitness 70% diet/ 30% exercise.

    DOn't eat carbs after 5pm

    try cardio early morning

    and cut out the skim milk.

    My diet
    breakfest - 3 eggs (1 yoke) on whole wheat w/ extra virgin OE
    -sometimes I add a little cheese (actually everyday)
    drink a isolade protein and water

    Post workout shake (fiber, 50 grams of whey protein)

    tuna sandwhich on whole wheat for lunch/dinner

    And I don't know what to eat for dinner right now, i'm starving

    SO yeah i'm not the expert or a good role model, you'll get some good advice, but look at my thread and you should find some answers.

    gl and happy cutting.

  3. Also I would try for more reps with less weight to make it more of a cardio experience. I started my weightloss with that and I enjoyed the consistent cardio experience during weight session. my 2cents.

    Oh and fitday.com is a great way to see what your actually eating everyday.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Kam

    try cardio early morning
    I do my cardio after work around times 6pm-8pm do you think that would matter much from doing it in the morning...?

  5. thanks. As for the timing of cardio, I'm sort of locked into the evening, because I have classes in the morning, and I know if I get up early enough to get to the gym and work out, then I will definitely not get enough sleep. (as bad as poor workouts) I've found that not enough sleep totally kills my strength and my workouts really suffer.
    Why get rid of the skim milk? I know I can replace it with water, but I figure I get a couple more grams of protein and its a bit more nutritious.
    With dinner I usually eat around 5, so that does work with not eating carbs after. My workout is around 7, so enough time to digest, and workoff all the extra carbs and such. After that only carbs coming in is usually from the milk, if I'm good.
    Thanks again.

  6. Well figured its time for a bit of an update. Things have been going well. I've been managing to keep to my goal of no junk food. No chips, no cookies, no icecream and no other types of junk.
    Besides that diet hasn't been great, some fast food here and there when stuck on options, but its been better than usual. I think i may be seeing some difference already too. A bit more of a tightness, mostly more felt then seen but definitely something to take hope in.
    I will be in better shape than ever before by the end of this month, my goal, and from there each month after, just more and more improvement one step at a time.
    I have switched to just using water with the protein shake. I don't know if its the brand or the water but it sits in my stomach different than others and i can taste it for like hours after drinking it, wierd. But definitely also a step closer than usual for getting enough protein.
    To continued improvement ...


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