Need help for my wife and her weight

  1. Need help for my wife and her weight

    Ok, I posted on here once before, for my wife and I got some good info. I am back again asking for more help.

    She is 33 yrs old, 4ft 10" tall, and weighs in at 115 to 116 lbs.
    When we married 11 yrs ago, she was 98lbs. To skinny actually, But now she has gained some weight, and it is from not eatting right and from not exercising.
    ((( BUT ))) For the last two months, she has been working her rear off by doing a cardio on the eliptical for 30 to 40 mins 3 to 4 times a week. Plus, she has really cleaned up our diets. Plus, she is doing light weights, DB curls, Tricep push downs, squats, and a few other machines for her legs.

    This is what she has been eatting.
    Chicken, fish, wheat or rye bread, tuna fish, brown rice, yogurt, salads has stopped drinking sweet tea and cokes, Does not eat a fraction of the sweets she used to, and after all this, she has not gained any any weight, but her legs have or seem to have gotten worse with cottage cheese. This is frustrating to her, but I am still encouraging her to keep up the work, and that sooner or later, it will pay off.
    She has gained some size and definition on her arms, but her thighs have gotten bigger. (( Maybe building muscle underneath, and not burning muscle ? )))
    I honestly do not know why she is not losing any weight or fat I just want to see her happy, and Like i said, she is working hard, but not seeing the gains yet. When she gets off of the eliptical machine, she is drenched with sweat.. Then she does some light weights with high reps with me.

    So any help or any info, or any recomendations for a fat burner that may help her is appreicated. I will pass it along to her.

  2. PGH-T - 5 days on, 2 days off, skip every 5th week altogether. More energy, sleep good, feel good, youger skin, lose weight!

    I also use guggulbolic.

    Gaspar Thiroid Tabs are getting a lot of good press lately, but I have not tried them.

  3. Hey. Being a female I can tell you exactly what is happening.

    The old saying, it gets worse before it gets better......... Fat is being dislodged and slowly being transported out of areas to be used as fuel, it will get better, really it will, its part of the process, Ive seen it too when I was heavier years ago. Have her keep doing what she is doing, it takes time, and a new way of life, you cannot just diet and exercise for a few months then quit, you have to adopt a new routine and keep it for long term results. Women carry alot of fat and water in their legs. Be patient.

    A good product for fat loss that is not a stimulant is the Special Tactics by ALRI, its a great product that has kept my fat gain under lock and key during this bulk. If she is really serious she could use the the Tri-lean system that has the special tactics, hyperdrive, and lean dreams. Ive seen alot of success with that stack!!!!

  4. seasomine
    That gel stuff you can get from Chem(somethign) can't put the cites name.
    also try and get her some ecotrophin from another site i can't post about

    anyways good luck gods speed

  5. Thanks for the good info everyone. I am not gonna let her give up. We are both in this together, I am trying to get bigger, she is trying to get smaller and tone up. We will get there together. (( With alot of help from everyone here ))

    THANKS !!!



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