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    Ok...I've posted a lot on, asking questions and researching. I've wanted to start cutting and so inquiring of good sources have helped a good deal. The thing is I've never really told anyone how I have a twin. He ALSO wants to start cutting. We have a limited budget, and having to divide the whey, glutamine, and even food is going to be a problem for me. For example, I've only been able to buy ONE container of 16 oz L Glutamine(5 g per serving, serving Size - 90) and so of what I know, taking 5 grams before a workout, 5 after, and 5 before bedtime is a good routine. Now, I should have thought of this before but now I realize that because my brother will be doing the same, we will be using(if we use the routine mentioned above) 30g per day! What are your thoughts on the matter?

    Some postive and helpful feedback would be appreciated!

  2. 1st take your glutamine back to the store and slap the guy who sold it to you.  Then come back here and find this button below.  Its at the top of the screen. its a lot better than most others cause it has info from guys who acctualy know what there talking about.  and also train like an animal!!
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  3. Glutamine is an excellent supp, especially when used to preserve lean mass in a cutting cycle. But it's not as important as the rest of your basic diet. You didn't mention anything else.

  4. Glutamine has its side on the BB world, leave it alone don't go near glutamine again, but make sure your diet is 100% set, that's 85% of sucessi in this game.

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