two different BF Calcs, one 13.5% body fat,other 25.6%

  1. Question two different BF Calcs, one 13.5% body fat,other 25.6%

    I was happy to see the 13.5% but knew it wasn't right from
    Home Body Fat Test

    and 25.6 from Body Fat Estimator

    i'm 5,9 200 pounds

    waist 40"
    hips 39"
    wrist 7.5"
    forearm 13"

    Let me know what you think, the impedence one I checked 3 months ago said I was 21% but i've lost 13 pounds, and I've been working min 3x a week. Recently upped the cardio, but big difference in numbers. I'm thinkin 19% bf.

  2. I would say somewhere between 25-29% Bodyfat.

  3. alrighty then....... that's fine got plenty of work to do. Still need to work on spreading my meals out, first thing is to get on a schedule where i wake up before noon.]

    thanks jay, and yes someday where going to get u to change ur avatar.

  4. hahah

    Yeah man, just take time to get everything is in order and the weight will come off faste than you think. And it'll stay off.

  5. I wouldn't worry to much about the %. It's just a number so it doesn't mean much. Go by how you look and feel.

    Note: those two body fat test are horrible.

  6. those tests are pretty in accurate. anyone want to take a guess at my BF from my pic and stats? I guess 13%

    197 lbs.
    16.25 arms
    32 waist

  7. looks closer to 10% to me

  8. If i were you i would get a trained physician and some calipers, i do a lot of work with body comp, and its the cheapest and most effective way. If you have access to a DEXA machine look into that.

  9. I do need calipers. I was just curious because all this inaccurate measurements say 10- 24%. I probably am in there somewhere but thats pretty broad.

  10. Get some calipers for about $8, and use this site Body Fat Calculator

    It works good for me.

    That with a Tanita bio-electric impedance scale you should be able to guess within a few percent.


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