weight loss w/o muscle loss

  1. weight loss w/o muscle loss

    I've been here for a while but I mostly watch my questions have usually been answered already. Anyway, I think I'll jump in now.

    It seems like I've seen info before that suggests that ephedrine or ephedra can actually slow down catabolism while assisting the body in fat burning. Does anyone here know if there is any truth to this?

    I have some trouble gaining much weight and I'm almost always bulking, but I tend to judge myself by the scale. It turns out that when I lose 5 or 6 pounds which is easy for me to do, people comment that I'm looking bigger. I think I'd like to cut my bodyfat down real low and not be in such a hurry to gain weight.

    I do however want to continue gaining strength as I think that will translate into muscle growth.

    Nice to meet y'all.

  2. If you lift and eat lots of protein with a calorie defficient diet, that will be catabolic enough. I belive ECA was a little catabolic for me. I dropped 10% BF while gaining about 12 pounds lean mass. I used ECA the whole time. I went from fat ass buddha belly to flat but no six pack yet belly. Im not 100% sure on this but from what I understand ECA isnt as anti catabolic as Clen. But its much safer and almost just as effective for first time thermogenic users.

  3. If it's a gradual thing and you keep your protein intake, your weight session intense and good calorie intake with a good amount of cardio it is possible. I posted the same thing before, everyone said you cut and lose muscle, or you bulk gain muscle and weight.

    If you take your time (and it will take longer) then you can do both. I'm staying away from eph, I think eating clean/cardio/and maybe some green tea like (burn3d) will do the trick.

  4. I have not been into cardio in a long time. I'm naturally lean, so I've never had to. However, It seems my body has changed from the several years of bulking I've done and I have a hard time getting a really low bf%. I have recently started training MMA and very recently increased my cardio and I plan to keep the weights heavy. I'm intersted in how I can look if I can get my bf way down.

  5. ephedrine has been known to be somewhat anti catabolic due to its ability to suppress cortisol

  6. Bro, it's pretty easy to avoid losing muscle on a cut, down to about 10% for me, will be slightly different for everyone though. Three things you need to do:

    1. Eat lots of carbs
    2. Don't over restrict calories
    3. Keep your intensity high but volume on the low side.


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